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How long does a fingerprint last on an object?HellaQuinn 12-30-19  01:48 am
Poor Quality Fingerprints from Elderly Personsgaliondi 05-23-19  12:00 pm
What is the difference between civil and criminal identification?fsffrrrfewffffffffff01-20-19  10:11 am
Capturing and storing fingerprintsJohn Rodgers 10-13-18  03:25 pm
Do fingerprints have left- and right-hand symmetry?TG 06-29-18  10:55 am
Fingerprints on paperJane Doe 10 11-01-17  05:13 pm
Does wearing latex gloves deter from detecting fingerprints on poro...Administrator 08-03-17  12:03 pm
Fingerprints from concrete?Dawn Kuchnicki 06-28-17  11:47 am
Just thought of something and had to ask.James McCown 12-26-16  11:53 am
Small itemssuzy gaines 12-26-16  11:52 am
Fingerprint Development using Kr85 absorption/autoradiograpgyDonald M. Mattox 12-26-16  11:51 am
How many minutiae points must match to stand in the court of law?Jessie Nicole 09-21-16  08:59 pm
Fingerprints on scanned documents J 09-16-16  11:40 am
Unreadable fingerprintsTabish Mahmood 03-18-16  06:57 am
Different type of fingerprints on an individualChronowendigo 03-13-16  11:52 am
Convictions made by fingerprint comparison alonevadelpz 02-10-16  05:24 pm
Lifting off a Fireplace PokehNihad Kaddoura 01-14-16  10:59 am
FingerprintsLeslie Heslop 08-27-15  07:21 pm
Lifting fingerprints off textured surfaces.debbiemilam 05-30-15  08:48 am
Prints Only Obtainable on Slick, Hard Surface?Administrator 05-20-15  11:39 pm
Can photos of finger prints be used to ID a person?treza 02-23-15  09:05 pm
Finger print being wiped awayRyan Lewis 11-15-14  09:28 am
Fingerprints from clothingmelinda 10-21-14  03:18 pm
How Can I Disguise My Fingerprintsdavidrodan 12 07-26-14  08:08 am
THUMB PRINTmunawar memon 12-19-13  03:27 am
Upcoming employment test...GR 01-31-13  01:30 pm
Fingerprint ComparisonBobbie J. Mitchell 01-24-13  05:08 am
Fingerprints and archaeologymanoj kumar 01-19-13  11:38 am
Who owns the fingerprints?Jeri Tucker 01-18-13  10:05 am
Juvenile to adult fingerprintsanna ponas 01-05-13  02:30 pm
Poor Fingerprintselaine diamond 12-12-12  05:36 pm
Father of FingerprintingGilbert Gerago 08-24-12  02:25 am
Universal Latent WorkstationJohn E Bredehoft 02-10-12  02:28 pm
Converting Henry Classification to NCICHopeMcLeod 12-30-11  02:06 pm
True case, need help, suicide or not?Administrator 12-24-11  05:33 pm
Latent printskhisanger skywalker 09-07-11  02:14 pm
All 10 fingers are whorls.sadhana raut 08-23-11  02:22 am
How to find a testing company/labAdministrator 06-12-11  01:24 pm
Female or MaleRick Fairchild 06-10-11  05:35 pm
Fingerprints on different surface..Don joe 05-26-11  12:46 am
Can you tell if fingerprints were added before or after printing?Don joe 05-26-11  12:42 am
Change fron numeric to non-numericDon joe 05-26-11  12:35 am
Fingerprint v. ToeprintJeana 05-08-11  04:52 pm
Do Victims Have a Right to Obtain Copies of Latent Prints Lifted fr...Jahlin 05-08-11  04:49 pm
Postal carrier delivered unknown inhabitant enevelopeDavid Goodwin 02-16-11  05:32 pm
Latent prints and duct tapeMJansen 01-05-11  05:06 pm
What Training is Required to Become a Fingerprint Examiner?brenda jackson 08-18-10  07:19 pm
Fingerprints from crumpled plastic wrap?Jon 07-07-10  02:31 pm
Visual examinationalwayslearning 04-19-10  07:36 pm
Identification StatisticsMaggie Rafferty 03-07-10  12:23 pm
Hiding fingerprintskaya 02-24-10  02:01 pm
Fingerprinting powderseileen clayton 02-03-10  02:43 pm
Prints on Different Hands?Webservant 12-20-09  06:45 pm
Will the police process an item for prints, even when no crime was ...Ricardo Fairchild 12-15-09  08:00 pm
Can employers demand FPs for investigation of no crimeWebservant 12-15-09  07:25 pm
Obtaining Prints From a Typed Letter (and is there a Public AFIS da...Bethany Still 12-11-09  02:00 pm
Fingerprint Fossil ?Stanley Oliver 11-18-09  08:55 pm
Fingerprints on rocksjerry 11-07-09  10:42 am
Powders For Different SurfacesAndrew Reitnauer 10-22-09  07:51 am
Altering PrintsBill Santos 15 10-21-09  09:09 am
Finger Print After Deathmathiyalagan 10-02-09  10:05 am
Military ProsecutionsJeff 09-26-09  10:11 am
Indentify prints on same hande. davison 09-13-09  11:07 pm
Are prints detectable on matchsticksWebservant 08-17-09  08:21 am
What is a Reasonable Number of Fingerprints Developed on Papers?Samir Kantilal Shah 06-22-09  06:45 am
Fingerprints copyShawn 05-25-09  11:18 am
Storage of fingerprints from background checksJ.M. 05-25-09  11:18 am
Cleaning Fingerprint Dustgreg watson 13 05-20-09  03:05 pm
Knowing the surface from where fingerprints were takentoto titi 05-13-09  07:06 pm
Microburst Method for Latent Print IDArnold Schwartz 05-06-09  02:11 pm
Fingerprint Removal Methods?Unregistered Guest 04-28-09  06:41 pm
Where Can I Get Immigration Prints Taken for Under $200Webservant 03-21-09  08:45 pm
Washable Fingerprint Medium?Ernie Hamm 03-19-09  10:29 am
Powder finger from woodBecky Green 01-15-09  01:30 pm
Are people's fingerprints usually similarsiouxshebear 11-11-08  07:09 am
1st Historical use blueshell 09-22-08  11:31 am
Need 2 finger print reports from FBI Lottah Ashkar 08-31-08  09:56 am
What are the zone area's of the palm and the sole of the footGwyndean Candelaria 08-18-08  10:58 pm
Fingerprints on papergreg davis 08-15-08  03:47 pm
Unreadable fingerprints on young, healthy female?Lisa M 07-29-08  07:48 pm
Will the rain wash away fingerprintsGerald Clough 07-28-08  11:13 am
Why Do Police Sometimes Find No Victims' Fingerprints when Dusting?...Kim Lara 07-27-08  06:49 pm
AFIS search parameters?Charles Schaeffer 07-14-08  10:12 am
Can You Use a Normal Home Scanner to Create a Good Fingerprint?Ahuqbqzr 07-08-08  04:40 pm
Fluorescent dyes to enhance superglue developed marksRimma 07-05-08  07:14 am
Does Fire erase everything18001 07-04-08  05:07 pm
Effectiveness of surgically altered finger/palm printsMichele Triplett 06-22-08  01:41 pm
No prints foundWebservant 06-18-08  06:23 am
I want to catch a vandalGlennare 06-16-08  06:09 am
Seeking Friction Ridge Formation References for FootprintsWebservant 06-06-08  02:33 pm
Fingerprint Comparison Test for Applicants (Shape Test) 05-31-08  04:46 pm
Earprint identificationHumanIDstudent 05-08-08  04:26 pm
Where can I find contact information for fingerprint experts?Webservant 04-16-08  08:40 pm
Fabric Impression?Terri Part 04-09-08  12:43 pm
Will Fingerprints Deposited on Cloth Wash Away in the Washing MachineWebservant 03-25-08  08:25 pm
AFIS and juvenile through to adult print identificationWebservant 03-09-08  11:10 am
How long does it take law enforcement agencies to check prints and ...Webservant 02-20-08  10:32 pm
Fingerprint recovery from mummified fingersWebservant 02-11-08  09:29 pm
Preserving fingerprints off a gloveWebservant 02-06-08  06:35 pm
Prints on paperGerald Clough 01-31-08  02:56 pm
How Fast Can Two Sets of Fingerprint Be Compared?Webservant 01-30-08  07:31 am
The police found no prints - What can I do next?Webservant 01-21-08  11:06 am
Does More Handling of an Object = Lower Chances of Identifying the ...Helen 01-09-08  01:33 pm
Skin Conditions and Finger PrintsCourtney 11-15-07  09:42 pm
Can You Determine How Long Age Prints Were Deposited?anonymous 11-10-07  12:52 pm
Fingerprinting CDsAnton Roland de Kler11 10-30-07  07:01 am
Real Novice seeks Real Advice: Dusting, Viewing, etcLarry Ressin 10-28-07  06:12 pm
How Do Police Identify Crime Scene Finger and Palm Prints?Eryn Russell 10-24-07  06:12 pm
Fingerprints for Immigration ServiceSylvia smith 10-21-07  12:12 pm
What are the Different Types of Fingerprint Patterns?Rebkeha Posey 10-14-07  06:04 pm
Fingerprints on amputated limbsErnie Hamm 10-09-07  11:47 am
1,2 IndanedioneE 09-20-07  10:49 am
The difference between invisible fingerprints and latent fingerprintsWebservant 09-14-07  07:04 am
Fingerprint embetted Anton Roland de Kler09-07-07  11:25 am
Paper documentsWebservant 09-04-07  09:25 pm
Education for Fingerprint TechsAdministrator 08-16-07  10:29 pm
Can a Criminal Hide a Prior Arrest History by Having Someone Else B...Administrator 08-16-07  09:45 pm
Article about new analysis techniqueWynne Parry 07-23-07  02:23 pm
Identify print from different fingerWebservant 07-23-07  12:52 am
How to become a technician?ndx 07-06-07  06:27 pm
Fingerprints and woodclio balhead 07-04-07  05:56 pm
Palm printsshell 06-28-07  10:45 am
Civil rights and fingerprints?Ignacio Acosta 06-27-07  05:24 pm
General informationshell 06-26-07  10:39 am
What about Other Evidence, Besides Fingerprints, on Evidence?Webservant 06-25-07  09:53 am
What Causes a Reverse Color Print?Webservant 06-25-07  06:01 am
Can fingerprints be dusted and obtained from wooden handle of a hammersarah thomas 06-23-07  10:58 am
Chemical of cyanoacrylate estersaurapa 06-17-07  11:13 pm
FingerprintsDanielle Hemminger 06-08-07  07:54 pm
How Would Paper, Handcuffs, a Gun, etc., Be Processed for Latent Pr...PHILIPMWEST 05-09-07  05:22 pm
School Project FingerPrint VerificationKevin Miller 03-20-07  06:39 pm
The effect of temperature on the constituents found in latent finge...Laurie Joiner 03-19-07  08:56 am
Dissappearing fingerprints!Anna Bergqvist 03-14-07  01:26 pm
Fingerprints underwater?Webservant 03-04-07  12:09 pm
Lifting (?) fingerprintsmeganhonts 10 02-27-07  09:01 pm
Sciencemichelle wilson 02-20-07  05:57 am
What is plain impression live-scanning?Annmarie H. Vann 01-29-07  08:34 pm
Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence techniqueGenise 01-29-07  12:25 am
Latent fingerprintsChloe 01-21-07  07:47 am
When would fingerprinting be used?Webservant 12-28-06  06:06 am
Fingerprint recovery from smoke covered itemsjon wright 12-19-06  06:06 am
Lifting fingerprints from rockPeggy 12-13-06  02:24 pm
Please help: How can I improve weak fingerprints?arlington 12-09-06  11:20 am
How Long for Police to Complete Lab Exams and Report Findings back ...Webservant 12-07-06  06:48 am
Dermal ridges on Bigfoot casts?Matt Crowley 11-19-06  04:49 pm
Is it proper for a "Community Service Operator" to lift prints? ...joe brown 11-06-06  08:43 pm
Using fingerprint from drowned victims phentermine online 10-11-06  02:24 am
Intimate and non-intimate samples phentermine online 10-10-06  02:47 pm
Latent print certification. phentermine online 10-10-06  02:40 pm
3rd Level Detail 09-29-06  07:58 pm
Ultra sound and fingerprints florida rate 09-20-06  09:05 am
Can fingerprints be found on rusty metal screws left in driveway? 09-10-06  10:47 pm
Latent Print Verification 09-10-06  09:26 pm
Stolen TruckWebservant 09-09-06  09:51 pm
Fingerprints Exonerating the Innocent 09-07-06  04:29 am
Police won't bother dusting partial fingerprintsDaniel 08-30-06  10:49 pm
Recommended University Courses to Become a Latent Print ExaminerWebservant 08-25-06  06:13 am
Need Fingerprints Police ReportWebservant 08-23-06  10:15 pm
Chemical Development of Latent Prints?Katrina 08-16-06  10:38 am
FishArthur Kennedy07-08-06  10:51 am
Portrait Parleherbert06-29-06  11:19 pm
Missing Family Cold Case (Classification Question)Webservant06-27-06  06:34 am
FINGERPRINTINGMichele06-21-06  11:01 am
Basic principles of fingerprint identificationStan Ames05-22-06  09:36 am
Latent Print processing causing DNA contamination?Michelle Tait05-22-06  01:19 am
Help me: to lift printsJoseph Pass05-14-06  06:25 pm
Can half a fingerprint be accurateKasey05-09-06  08:47 pm
Lifting fingerprintsMichele05-04-06  11:17 am
QualificationsMichele04-30-06  11:21 pm
Pre-employment fingerprintinganna morin04-19-06  11:52 pm
Crime Scene PhotographyYevgeny Yan04-19-06  01:02 am
How much material makes up a fingerprint?Kasey04-08-06  03:40 pm
Fingerprints and solventsBobbotoo04-07-06  02:20 pm
Fingerprint Mutilation (after hours of searching)Rich Mac03-30-06  09:56 am
One visible palm print on knife handle only - what happened to othe...Richard Mac03-30-06  09:41 am
Can finger prints be plantedKasey03-26-06  05:47 pm
Fingertip Capture Webservant03-18-06  07:53 am
How Can I Locate and Hire Fingerprint Expert?L. D. Carlson03-16-06  07:51 am
Lifting Prints from a DVD/Video game case.Monster_user02-11-06  10:48 pm
FingerprintWebservant10 02-09-06  07:22 am
How many methods are there for taking fingerprintsMichele01-31-06  03:58 pm
Development of the use of evidence markersnatasha kay01-24-06  02:19 pm
Where can i find a website about facts of how people dust for finge...Webservant01-13-06  05:38 am
Can who handled a weapon first be determined?Michele01-06-06  09:14 pm
Wrinklesgauri ram12-05-05  04:16 am
Detection of immigration record at the airportWebservant12-04-05  03:05 pm
Can anything be applied to preserve fingerprints better?Webservant12-02-05  05:47 am
Idenfication of Back-of-Knee and Wrist Creases from a Baby's Photo ...Webservant11-11-05  11:55 am
Time requiredWebservant11-04-05  06:23 pm
Legal to obtain fingerprints from discarded object found in a publi...photog10-29-05  08:33 am
Do FP Experts Consider Distortion Caused by Blood?Alg10-06-05  07:08 pm
Recovering fingerprints from ammunition in sewageSteve Fairchild10-06-05  05:15 pm
Which finger is on ceremonial card ?Steve09-30-05  06:51 am
Latent prints off of Dew on vehicleIan09-20-05  04:36 am
Can fingerprints determine racial background?Kasey Wertheim09-17-05  01:27 pm
Latent fingerprints at crime scenebj234608-23-05  07:09 am
Crime scene evidenceErnie Hamm08-14-05  08:35 am
Latent prints from "bank deposit bags"jjtorres08-12-05  06:58 pm
FP on identificationSteve E.08-11-05  11:09 am
Will a burn/severe cut on your finger change the print temporarily?campbell black07-26-05  04:59 pm
Latent ink detection by using "Fingerint Argon Laser"John Anderson07-20-05  12:00 pm
Removing Fingerprints with a Cloth from Paper?Webservant07-11-05  10:22 am
Can I use tape to record prints after Fuming?Ernie Hamm07-03-05  01:24 pm
Harvesting DNA from the Adhesive of Old LP LiftersLinda Malcolm06-14-05  06:42 pm
Cleaning Black Fingerprint Powder from Light-Colored CarpetingWebservant06-13-05  10:43 am
How Many Fingerprints Does a Person Deposit in a Day?Webservant06-08-05  07:12 am
Fingerprints on metal object recovered underwater?Ernie Hamm05-26-05  08:06 am
Newborn FootprintsDhakenson05-18-05  01:55 pm
Gold & Vacuum MetalizationBettyAnne Waters03-16-05  01:41 pm
Writer seeks answers on dusting and super glue fumingWebservant03-11-05  01:03 pm
Latent Fingerprints more than 2 years old in a very hot atticKasey03-06-05  08:04 pm
How many points do they needKasey03-05-05  11:11 am
Partial or fregmented fingerprintsrl03-03-05  12:07 am
Length of time for fingerprints?james walters01-19-05  11:08 pm
What is a fingerprint formulaWebservant01-15-05  08:36 am
Galvanized pipeErnie Hamm01-14-05  10:30 pm
Laten Print TrainingErnie Hamm01-11-05  08:43 pm
Fingerprints and PaperSteve11-17-04  10:01 am
Fingerprints on foodpat whitfield10-31-04  11:07 pm
Major flex creasesErnie Hamm10-29-04  03:42 pm
AnalysisWebservant10-18-04  08:02 am
Matching really old printsErnie Hamm10-11-04  07:04 am
Prints on wood left in rainKasey09-28-04  09:18 pm
Planted/Forged PalmprintsBeverly Scott15 09-19-04  07:33 pm
Fingerprints on gunsKasey15 09-15-04  06:25 am
Fingerprints on a purse that laid in rain for about 11 hoursKasey09-11-04  08:37 pm
Can you get fingerprints off a styrofoam bowlDavid Fairhurst08-10-04  07:26 am
Can you lift a fingerprint from a plastic zip lock bag?Kasey07-30-04  10:58 pm
Development SequenceSandra White07-26-04  11:29 pm
What is meant by the following AFIS symbols: III/S/S ?Kasey07-09-04  10:46 pm
Physical Developerlyp19650007-09-04  11:09 am
Minimum Requirements for a Latent to AFIS SearchMike Trader05-20-04  07:24 pm
CyanoacrylateDavid Fairhurst05-17-04  11:34 am
Police fingerprints in national database?Lonnie04-09-04  06:07 am
Where Can I Find a Consultant to Process Evidence Privately?Webservant03-28-04  06:31 pm
One single fingerprint - a puzzle to solveAlexandra03-16-04  04:41 pm
Science in fingerprintingDavid Fairhurst03-02-04  12:40 pm
Fingerprint ManualKasey Wertheim02-29-04  06:01 pm
I'm looking for information on the hot flame method of print develo...Ernie Hamm02-21-04  06:38 pm
Color of evidence locatorsGerald Clough02-16-04  03:13 pm
Plain impressionsKimberly Lankford02-03-04  04:05 pm
Help - Scarring or Changing FPs - Need Questions to Be Answered wi...Kasey Wertheim01-19-04  02:08 am
FingerprintsBrittany01-15-04  08:45 am
No Fingerprints?Graham Ford01-05-04  10:44 pm
SSP - sticky side paperErnie Hamm01-03-04  08:23 pm
Non tip fingerprintsSteve10 10-20-03  09:49 am
Collection and analysis?Steve10-20-03  09:23 am
Egg-Carton and a little rain...TAS09-25-03  07:39 am
"AFIS quality" latent printshermans mom09-23-03  04:03 pm
CloningKasey Wertheim09-20-03  11:04 am
How many "points" are necssary to confirm a match between two print...Webmaster09-16-03  06:20 am
Rubber Stamps of FingerprintsBert09-09-03  03:04 pm
Effect of Methamphetamines on FingerprintsWebmaster07-20-03  12:37 pm
Finger prints on paper and porus surfaces & methods of extraction.Steve07-02-03  09:37 am
Does heat effect fingerprints?Sal05-27-03  05:30 pm
Chemicals and lpsryan joseph m. dela 05-24-03  03:03 am
Chemical process of NinhydrinJarl Kenttae05-16-03  01:19 am
FBI Criminal History ChecksRon04-20-03  07:55 am
Latent fingerprints on live skin mibtp04-20-03  02:32 am
Finger prints or DNA examination for works of artMark Hardesty04-15-03  07:40 pm
Looking to contact John "Dusty" Clark . . . can you help me?Lonnette Kendoll03-25-03  04:38 am
What does the typical testimony from a Latent Print Expert consist of?Webmaster02-27-03  06:31 am
Fingerprint moldingdk henderson02-10-03  11:52 am
Atf fingerprint specialistDarrell Klasey02-04-03  01:13 pm
Fingerprints on a treeJewls2u01-01-03  12:39 pm
Fingerprint impressions in adhesive on metal....Webmaster12-23-02  10:15 am
Dishwashers and fingerprintsErnie Hamm12-12-02  10:24 pm
FootprintsLia12-02-02  03:24 pm
Legal issueKasey Wertheim12-01-02  09:52 am
DNA FingerprintingWebmaster11-25-02  11:20 pm
Origin of "ridge points counting"JURY11-02-02  07:11 am
Finger print camerasWilliam E. Inman Sr10-09-02  05:11 pm
Canvas book bagBob H10-03-02  11:20 am
What EGA means?Kasey Wertheim09-03-02  08:56 am
FBI Finger Print Analysismeghan chaple05-04-02  11:32 pm
Private access to fingerprint files?Webmaster04-15-02  08:54 pm
Fingerprints and WoodKasey Wertheim03-20-02  04:46 pm
Transporting Fingerprints on an ObjectP. Hayashi03-20-02  04:54 am
The Durability/Resistance to Wear of the FingerprintKasey Wertheim03-19-02  01:20 pm
Fingerprint cardscibc03-14-02  01:33 am
GraphWebmaster01-13-02  01:49 pm
Altering fingerprintsKasey Wertheim01-12-02  01:40 am
Would it have been possible for a police department of the 1920's ...Ernie Hamm12-29-01  06:35 pm
Where Can I Get My Fingerprints Taken for Employmentpotter11-13-01  03:55 pm
Fingerprint Examination at the crime SceneDiana10-18-01  11:18 pm
Need information on Vacuum Metallization of PrintsWebmaster10-09-01  07:27 am
Tennis shoe printsErnie Hamm10-02-01  09:26 pm
Post mortem identificationjill carrillo09-16-01  11:37 am
Can fingerprints on the skin be transferred to clothing?Ann T.09-10-01  11:04 pm
Are finger prints caused by one gene or a number of different genes...Webmaster06-12-01  09:23 am
Fingerprint detection via uv and laserfranziska05-21-01  06:29 pm
Can Fingerprints Be Developed on Baggies?Gary W. Jones04-27-01  09:07 pm
Latent PrintTasha04-26-01  11:54 am
Latin wordWebmaster04-08-01  03:06 am
Faxed copy of fingerprint cardWebmaster03-25-01  09:28 am
Separating a ball of duct tape for latent processingMelissa Skiles02-22-01  04:34 pm
Fingerprints on a letterEd German02-06-01  07:43 am
Too many prints?Ed German01-29-01  09:52 am
Old Prints on a WindowEd German01-15-01  01:28 pm
What type of glue is used on fingerprint lifters?Ed German01-15-01  01:06 pm
What is a finger print experts salary?Ed German12-13-00  09:49 pm
ForensicBrett11-26-00  04:49 pm
Fingerprints on buried evidence?jenniferganley11-10-00  06:12 pm
Privacy and Fingerprintingcarlajensen10-13-00  06:09 am
Mirror ImagesEd German07-08-00  10:59 am
Fingerprint ID CoursesLatent Print Exmr07-04-00  04:20 am
Fingerprints on cansEd German06-27-00  04:59 pm
Average Distance Between Ridges?Webmaster05-21-00  09:16 pm
Reasons to Ban Fingerprinting ChildrenEd German05-18-00  07:33 am
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