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Fingerprints everywhere?Administrator 02-21-18  07:25 am
Photographing Fingerprints with smartphoneAdministrator 03-26-17  02:15 pm
How long does it take to regrow fingerprint?Destiny 01-04-17  02:16 pm
Fingerprinting a brass doorknobNihad Kaddoura 01-19-16  11:19 am
Latent Prints of Objects Recovered From an Arson SceneColton Ames 11-01-15  10:22 am
Fingerprint Questions from a Journalism Student Atif 04-17-15  05:19 am
Galton and fingerpirntsDan Feucht 02-23-15  09:04 pm
Are there similarites in fingerprints between family members?zoeydixon 14 02-17-15  08:48 pm
Do Fingerprints Change When a Person Dies?Richard Fairchild 11-15-14  10:11 am
Certification Requirement to Testify as Expert WitnessRichard Fairchild 11-15-14  09:46 am
Questions on fingerprint expertsaradanarra 11-08-14  12:02 am
Fingerprint identificationCARLA LEE 11-14-13  05:55 pm
Lip and Finger Printszeeshan ahmed 13 08-22-13  09:04 am
Modeling fingerprint growthalan 07-04-13  01:07 pm
NanotechnologyAndy Bécue 05-30-13  04:12 am
THUMB PRINTjaswinder 05-16-13  11:08 am
Why do fingerprints show up on only some surfaces?Administrator 12-30-12  03:54 pm
How do fingerprints differ?oliver bause 12 10-06-12  02:10 pm
Interviewing Latent Fingerprint ProfessionalLillian 02-26-12  02:12 pm
FingerprintingOmar Guzman 07-01-11  09:13 am
Development of latents on firearm magazinesKendra Wilbur 01-12-11  07:34 pm
Minimum points in Germany & ArgentinaD. Jackson 08-02-10  08:28 pm
Fingerprinting a firearmGabriel Regan 07-22-10  08:02 pm
Can Figerprints Be Used to Show AgeSean Seagrave 03-07-10  08:19 pm
School projectRicardo Fairchild 12-21-09  07:20 pm
Are fingerprints always the same, even if your fingers are pruned/w...James L.G. 11-18-09  08:56 pm
Finger printingjake 09-13-09  11:07 pm
Inheritencesamantha mehring 09-06-09  07:00 pm
Why has fingerprint evidence enjoyed a solid reputation in courts f...Webservant 08-11-09  08:22 pm
Can fingerprints be lifted(found)on a leather purse after someone e...mreith 05-15-09  06:09 pm
How long can fingerprints last on something?unknown 05-02-09  04:24 pm
FingerprintsR.T. Fairmont 04-26-09  03:45 pm
Duct taped finger printssheila verdell 04-15-09  07:29 pm
Latent Print Persistence in High and Low Temperature and HumidityWebservant 04-15-09  04:25 pm
Science Project -which surface allows the clearest fingerprint to b...Kendall 17 03-26-09  09:59 am
Where Do Fingerprints Come Fromscott 03-25-09  06:48 pm
Validity of Fingerprint IdentificationWebservant 03-22-09  03:09 pm
Science Fair IdeasLANA LONG 15 03-16-09  04:36 pm
What is the Purpose of Test Prints?Webservant 02-09-09  07:18 pm
How Can You Develop Prints Over a Large Area?Webservant 02-09-09  06:35 pm
How Can You Fingerprint Children with Soft Skin?Webservant 02-09-09  06:22 pm
Do fingerprints have advantages over the use of DNA?garza 01-28-09  11:56 pm
Palm printsDiamond Stewards 11-22-08  06:26 pm
Fingerprintsjacob andrews 11-20-08  09:55 pm
Direct Examination of Fingerprint ExpertDerek O. 09-23-08  07:38 pm
How Does Fingerprint Identification Reduce Crime?Gerald Clough 09-05-08  01:59 pm
Techniques for uneven surfacesAB Student 08-31-08  09:56 am
Fingerprints in Ancient TimesGerald Clough 06-16-08  12:01 pm
Have Two Persons Ever Been Discovered to Have the Same Fingerprint?Webservant 06-06-08  07:14 am
Different fingerprint typescharles wasambla 04-23-08  10:13 am
How are latent finger and palm prints developed/enhanced and examin...Webservant 04-13-08  07:27 pm
How are Fingerprints ClassifiedWebservant 04-01-08  09:29 pm
What is the Most Common Fingerprint Pattern?Roger Fairchild 03-30-08  01:00 pm
Is it possible to change/remove fingerprints?tony 03-27-08  11:44 am
What is the future for fingerprinting?douglas raymond whit03-25-08  11:27 am
Personality by fingerprints' patterns Webservant 03-03-08  11:32 am
Where was the first fingerprint bureau established?shell 02-25-08  08:57 am
Identifiying fingerprintstjnicol 02-21-08  08:42 pm
What are the 110 Latent Print Residue Chemicals?Digitalprints25 02-05-08  09:26 pm
Does Handedness affect the ridge count of fingerprintsErnest D. Hamm 01-27-08  09:14 pm
School projectSydney Aumack 01-07-08  03:01 pm
Science Project Ideaslola lufnagel 01-06-08  08:06 pm
FingerprintsEmers 12-20-07  11:05 am
Can fingerprints be changed?sad 12-04-07  06:31 am
FINGERPRINTAlishaAuguillard 11-12-07  03:14 pm
Report on AFISChad Bennett 11-11-07  03:51 pm
7th Grade Science Project: Do humidity/temperature effect quality o...ana sanchez 10-25-07  05:28 pm
Are the fingerprints in your right hand the same as the left hand?question 10 10-18-07  07:32 pm
FingerprintsErnie Hamm 10-09-07  11:50 am
Can you obtain DNA from lip printsWebservant 10-03-07  11:30 pm
The Bertillon System to FingerprintingWebservant 08-24-07  07:29 am
Fingerprint Classification ProjectDanielle Hemminger 08-06-07  09:36 am
Fingerprint DevelopementCharles Martinez 08-01-07  11:33 am
Fingerprint Use in Ancient Babylon?Webservant 06-25-07  05:34 am
Masters ThesisDanielle Hemminger 06-03-07  11:13 pm
Methanol fixing of blood fingerprintsian cornthwaite 06-02-07  08:41 am
FingerprintingLetecia Morris 04-23-07  06:57 pm
Identifiying fingerprintsSally Okimen 04-16-07  03:50 pm
School Project FingerPrint VerificationKevin Miller 03-20-07  06:38 pm
The history of fingerprintingshell 03-20-07  08:08 am
Finger printsshell 03-20-07  08:02 am
What famous criminal case madeshell 03-20-07  07:56 am
How did we find outMichele Triplett 03-17-07  10:29 pm
FingerprintsAnna Bergqvist 03-14-07  01:23 pm
FingerprintsWebservant 03-06-07  06:33 am
Types of fingerprintsChris Gentry 03-05-07  11:14 pm
Which Surfaces are the Most Successful for Finding/Developing Finge...Kierra Mitchells 02-26-07  09:17 pm
Analyzing FingerprintsWebservant 02-14-07  05:50 am
What was Gilbert Thompson's Role in Fingerprint IdentificationWebservant 02-06-07  05:45 am
Non-Human FingerprintsMichele 02-05-07  07:53 pm
FingerprintsMichele 02-05-07  07:33 pm
Fingerprints of Cloned PersonsEmil Petersen 12-28-06  12:24 pm
Latent and inked fingerprintsWebservant 12-21-06  06:13 am
Fingerprint vs. thumbprintWebservant 11-18-06  11:20 am
Are personality traits connected to fingerprint typesWebservant 10-13-06  06:21 am
Fingerprints on SkinAdministrator 10-10-06  05:28 am
Fingerprinting bontril 09-20-06  12:11 pm
Ridgeology, ACE and Blood Processing Homework Questions state farm mutual 09-20-06  08:36 am
How long do fingerprints remain on a surface Progresskve 09-20-06  07:31 am
Violent criminals and fingerprint types 09-10-06  09:34 pm
Twins fingerprintssydlit07-24-06  12:52 am
Individualization of fingerprintssimonpeter05-16-06  06:23 pm
Detective Finger Printing WorkSheen05-14-06  01:41 pm
Permanent destruction of fingerprintsJ T Jacob05-12-06  01:08 am
Finger printsKasey03-26-06  10:06 am
Historical developmentgangadhar03-09-06  07:53 am
FingerprintsTerry A. Smith02-22-06  10:40 am
Fingerprint and developmentAlejandra Gallegos02-17-06  04:16 pm
Getting fingerprints from money? need help 4 science project!Michele02-12-06  12:32 pm
Can your fingerprints change as you get older.latonyao lwis02-06-06  05:30 pm
How long can finger print stay on object-?alvina01-24-06  05:52 pm
Telling how long prints have been on an envelope that was exposed t...Webservant01-13-06  05:35 am
Comparing ink, inkless and digital fingerprinting methodsGerald Gray01-04-06  06:49 pm
Why do CSIs use blue lights?Webservant11-30-05  04:21 am
Basic Research about Ancient FingerprintsHenry Swofford11-27-05  11:14 pm
How to recover fingerprints from a dead body?Webservant11-11-05  05:53 pm
Crime scene investigationWebservant11-04-05  06:25 pm
Are your parents fingerprints similar to yours and your brother?Crazy4prints10-29-05  10:38 pm
Does gender or race play a roll in FP Pattern Formation?Webservant09-23-05  06:46 am
Main FP Pattern TypesWebservant09-16-05  08:33 am
First Use of FPs in UK to Solve CrimeErnie Hamm09-15-05  10:55 pm
What do you call a person who studies fingerprints? LP Exmr09-13-05  12:10 pm
A brief history of FingerprintsWebservant09-08-05  05:11 pm
Non-Identification Uses for fingerprintsnupur09-07-05  07:46 am
Why Don't Forensic Scientists Extract DNA from Fingerprints More Of...Bert07-14-05  05:07 pm
From What Surfaces Can Fingerprints Be Developed?Webservant06-10-05  06:08 am
What are the various types of the patterns of the finger printLinda Austin05-12-05  07:15 am
How Long Do Latent Prints Remain on a Hard Surface?kasey wertheim03-08-05  09:29 pm
CloningChristopher W.01-28-05  12:51 am
How Do Children's Fingerprint Patterns Change as they Grow-UpMary Williams01-27-05  03:19 pm
First Grade Science Project - Classification of Loops, Arches and W...Webservant12-30-04  11:44 am
How many minutiae are there approx in a fingerprintKasey12-28-04  03:27 pm
Who made our fingerprints?abraham_preethi12-28-04  12:20 am
The "Science" of fingerprintingWebservant11-08-04  11:32 pm
Need Help with My Science Project... I Need to Invent a Faster, Eas...jwhisler10-24-04  03:07 pm
When fingerprints are used???jon doe10-21-04  08:05 pm
Fingerprint dissertationGerald Clough08-24-04  06:32 pm
Fingerprinting Gerald Clough07-26-04  04:06 pm
What Surfaces are Good for Prints? How are FP's stored digitally? D...Janet07-25-04  04:37 am
Public speaking report on fingerprintsGerald Clough04-23-04  06:46 am
Can anyone give me some more in-depth information on DNA Fingerprin...Webservant04-19-04  01:03 pm
What are the steps to takeing a fingerprint from a crime scene to u...Webservant04-14-04  06:44 am
Fingerprint with relation of biometrixDavid Fairhurst03-04-04  01:43 pm
What is the chemistry involved in fingerprinting?kate02-20-04  07:29 pm
What kind of place or things are they using to only have access by ...Webservant02-19-04  07:23 am
Types of Minutiae in the fingerprintsLoida Ding02-06-04  09:42 pm
Are the thumbprints of every human who has ever lived different?Lucius Peng02-06-04  10:55 am
Fingerprint as criminal evidenceBradley Warner02-01-04  11:17 am
Points of a fingerprintErnie Hamm01-30-04  08:35 am
What chemicals and powders are used to lift fingerprints?Steve01-26-04  08:40 am
When Will Automation Replace Manual Fingerprinting Methods?Webservant01-19-04  10:49 am
How long after death can prints be liftedKasey Wertheim01-19-04  01:25 am
Boys and Girl fingerprintsGraham Ford01-14-04  09:03 pm
Prints on top of each other.. also prints when wearing glovesKasey Wertheim12-30-03  10:25 pm
Can you test an item for prints wait 6 months and test again?Ernie12-30-03  10:21 am
ProjectKasey Wertheim12-18-03  10:01 am
Uses of fingerprintsMichele Triplett12-08-03  11:39 am
Fingerprint education Kasey Wertheim12-07-03  11:57 pm
Mathematics and FingerprintsSteve Everist11-09-03  09:29 pm
When was Fingerprint Photography First Used at Crime Scenes?Ernie Hamm10-29-03  08:28 pm
Fingerprinting??7th grade student10-25-03  10:26 pm
Fingerprint Classificationmateo58810-07-03  09:32 pm
Where would I find Articles on chemical methods for developing fing...Ernie Hamm10-07-03  01:12 pm
FingerprintMichele Triplett09-06-03  11:19 am
How finger-printing was discovered as a useful identifying tool???Kathy Saviers03-20-03  10:49 am
Fingerprint charting techniquesTerry A. Smith03-17-03  09:03 am
Fingerprinting questionWebmaster02-09-03  02:28 pm
Chemical Components of PowdersHannah S.01-29-03  11:21 pm
Where do you go to learn how to become a fingerprint analyst?DanielConcha01-22-03  07:12 pm
Fundamentals of the Fingerprint Dusting Method Hannah01-09-03  04:04 pm
Gender FingerprintsErnie Hamm01-07-03  03:06 pm
How is math used in Fingerprinting??Ernie Hamm01-07-03  09:40 am
How many ways are there to find fingerprintsDavid Fairhurst11-07-02  12:41 pm
Is there any way my friend and I can create our own crime scene, an...Salina Taylor11-05-02  08:09 pm
Finding fingerprintsThomas10-07-02  07:49 am
FingerprintsKasey Wertheim08-16-02  11:23 am
Cloning PrintsJerry OBrien06-11-02  07:48 pm
Are the fingers on both hands the same?David Fairhurst05-14-02  08:01 pm
When did computer aided finger print analysis startErnie Hamm04-29-02  11:55 am
The Henry systemErnie Hamm03-28-02  06:50 am
Law ProjectMcKevy03-20-02  01:54 pm
Anthropology lab - classification of human populationsWebmaster03-18-02  08:11 am
Frequency of patternsWebmaster03-16-02  09:10 am
Age and FingerprintErnie Hamm02-17-02  08:14 pm
What new advances have been made in the Fingerprinting Identificati...Webmaster01-13-02  01:29 pm
What can be done to find fingerprints on a person's skin?Webmaster12-07-01  07:08 am
The Henry secondary and tertiary classification systemAlan Christensen11-06-01  11:35 am
Points of characteristics in a latent fingerprint needed for eviden...Webmaster09-13-01  10:17 pm
Help with science project (Trouble Opening PDF File about Family Fi...Webmaster09-08-01  12:04 pm
DNAWebmaster08-30-01  06:52 am
Fingerprints.Ernie Hamm07-19-01  08:24 am
Cyanoacrylate, (superglue), fuming and latent fingerprints on artic...Webmaster04-30-01  12:23 pm
All I want to know is what is latent fingerprinting?vaanye04-12-01  12:31 am
Are fingerprints patterns dependent on a particular finger? Alie03-21-01  09:31 pm
Race From FingerprintsWebmaster01-30-01  12:16 am
Are male fingerprints destingusiable from female?Webmaster01-19-01  05:20 pm
Ridge Characteristics Webmaster01-19-01  08:37 am
Why is every fingerprint different?Webmaster01-17-01  10:27 pm
Terms for fingerprintsdrake I09-24-00  09:00 pm
Fingerprints of the deadMary Hester05-31-00  10:21 pm
Fingerpriting ChildrenEd German05-22-00  11:34 pm
Formation of PrintsWebmaster05-21-00  09:49 pm
Questions about "rolling ridges" and "dating fingerprints"...Webmaster05-21-00  09:42 pm
Need Super-Glue Fingerprint Recovery InfoWebmaster05-21-00  09:20 pm
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