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Subjects needed for Fingerprint Training Validation StudyAdministrator 05-12-19  03:57 pm
How Can I Match Two Fingerprints?Richard Fairchild 10-22-18  09:10 pm
Herb McDonnell's Guilty Pleas Related to Sexual Abuse Investigation...Administrator 08-27-15  06:53 pm
Finding an experttimtendick 02-22-15  11:40 am
Detect fingerprint by laser: treated by rhodamine 6GAdministrator 12-30-12  06:02 pm
Family Fingerprints testedLSF 06-19-12  09:04 am
Judge Susan M. SouderAshley 05-01-12  02:34 am
Shirley McKie: Updatecolin mckinlay 04-28-12  08:26 pm
Danny Greathouse - RIPWebservant 01-15-12  06:35 pm
USACIL Examiner's Son Injured in Iraq billy busi 13 08-15-11  08:48 pm
Mary HollandChristine Swanson 12-26-10  10:43 pm
IAI Drops Ban on Possible, Probable, Likely Identification ConclusionsAdministrator 07-21-10  08:36 pm
Wanted PartyJeff Rathman 05-28-10  11:02 am
First Use of Plantar Marks in EnglandJason Molino 05-14-10  10:30 am
PhD in Forensics?Andrew Reitnauer 11-30-09  03:48 pm
Paul Malaski where are you?Regina Moore 08-15-09  08:54 am
Wetwop - Destructive or Harmful to DNA?Ernie Hamm 06-20-09  10:29 pm
How do I get super glue off my fingers?anonomous 05-16-09  11:51 pm
A Totally New Fuming SystemArnold Schwartz 05-12-09  06:28 pm
Why do identical twins have different finger printsana santos 01-19-09  05:32 pm
Online UK Survey about the Science of Fingerprints, Rationality and...I. Hamilton 11-20-08  07:54 pm
SAFRAN to Acquire Motorola's Biometrics BusinessCharles Schaeffer 10-15-08  05:00 pm
Where can I buy this book?AiMBdVPddrXSuvFngD 04-18-08  07:01 am
Henry System of Fingerprint ClassificationDave Fried 03-15-08  10:31 pm
Mine looked filled off?JR Richards 02-02-08  10:53 am
Fingerprints vs dnaAnton Roland de Kler11-02-07  06:05 am
My science fair projectchristina 10-15-07  02:22 pm
Criminal convictionsPawandeep K. Sandhu 09-11-07  06:32 pm
Baby FootprintsErnie Hamm 07-26-07  10:12 am
Chemical of cyanoacrylate estersSmiling 06-25-07  09:55 am
Can prints be taken from latex glovesAndrew Reitnauer 06-01-07  08:20 am
Attorney Seeks LP Examiner for Death Penalty Case - ImmediatelyWebservant 02-15-07  05:42 pm
History of forensic photographyKimberley Medina 01-21-07  12:04 pm
Dynamite and Croppy - Not Illegal Fishing (Fingerprint History)...Ryan P. Lamonte 11-27-06  10:10 pm
Volar pads and/or Patterning Genes?Ed Campbell 11-24-06  10:43 am
Entry test for new recruits to fingerprint bureauhavanablu 11-11-06  08:10 pm
Update: Alan McNamara CaseJim Jervis 10 10-26-06  05:09 pm
Searching this Forum by Date Messages Posted phentermine online 10-10-06  03:28 pm
Superiority of superglue fuming over the traditional dusting method. 09-29-06  06:11 pm
Fingerprint Database 09-18-06  08:20 pm
40th Daubert Case Posted 09-10-06  10:13 pm
Shirley McKie: Update 09-05-06  09:30 pm
Chemical storageMichele Triplett08-01-06  10:07 am
The Science of Sherlock HolmesErnie Hamm05-09-06  10:23 am
'I am Shirley McKie'Iain McKie05-01-06  10:45 am
Fingerprint Terminology/Glossary for Court ReportersVisitor04-23-06  01:28 pm
Latent prints on skincwinett04-12-06  09:21 am
66% of Scottish public support a public enquiry.Iain McKie04-08-06  07:16 am
Shirley McKie: Report they tried to banIain McKie03-20-06  02:39 pm
Statement from the McKie familyIain McKie03-04-06  04:25 pm
Shirley McKie updateIain McKie02-25-06  04:00 pm
Shirley McKie: Matters of Serious ConcernIain McKie02-19-06  07:13 am
Getting StartedSonja Brown02-14-06  12:54 pm
James StarrsCurious01-19-06  10:29 am
Absence of FP on GunWebservant01-13-06  10:29 pm
Seeking Training Courses in the DC AreaCrystal Joines12-20-05  09:07 am
The math equation for classifying prints Kasey Wertheim11-30-05  07:19 pm
Scottish Fingerprint ServiceIain McKie11-20-05  06:43 am
Warning about Destroying CD Computer Crime Evidence with Tape Liftslam10-30-05  05:46 pm
Shirley McKie updateIain McKie10-15-05  06:37 am
Simon A Cole paperJohn Bredehoft09-13-05  06:00 pm
Expert 'opinion'Iain McKie09-06-05  05:40 am
Shgirley McKie updateIain McKie08-04-05  04:02 pm
Daubert-Related Material Regarding Firearms & ToolmarksWebservant07-13-05  10:34 am
Shirley McKie - Scottish Executive calls for settlement negotiationsIain McKie07-01-05  04:26 am
Scottish Experts Speak Out against SCRO IdentificationIain McKie06-28-05  03:34 pm
Peter Swann and SCROIain McKie05-21-05  05:30 pm
Forensics and Crime Discussion BoardGuest05-19-05  02:01 pm
Fingerprint Society - The Debate ContinuesIain McKie05-06-05  04:56 pm
SCRO experts suedIain McKie04-24-05  06:11 am
Fingerprint Society and SCROIain McKie04-22-05  08:50 am
Newton's whorl ???Kasey04-17-05  09:34 pm
Shirley McKie – Update: “Beyond belief”Iain McKie03-27-05  05:56 am
Shirley McKie UpdateIain McKie03-20-05  06:24 am
Prints from a bottleCoogan03-17-05  08:21 am
On CSIKasey02-11-05  08:48 am
Shirley McKie UpdateIain McKie01-24-05  04:22 am
Feasibility of Private Crime Scene Processing BusinessWebservant01-02-05  05:58 pm
CLPE Roster Updated Ernie Hamm12-03-04  09:32 am
Seeking an expert to attempt to lift prints from the bottleeugene11-24-04  12:50 pm
Shirley McKie UpdateIain McKie11-17-04  01:52 pm
Shirley McKie UpdateIain McKie10-24-04  12:37 pm
Identification News ArticleIain McKie09-29-04  05:01 am
Shirley McKie Update 21 September 2004Iain McKie09-22-04  06:20 am
Pay levels for Latent Print Examiner I-IIIx08-03-04  12:59 pm
Duplicated printsKasey Wertheim08-01-04  12:16 pm
Styrofoam - can you get fingerprints?Kasey07-24-04  02:19 pm
Forensic Magazine Free Subscription Troy C. Merrick05-24-04  07:35 am
Looking for a certified print examiner in TexasWebservant04-26-04  11:04 pm
3rd Shirley McKie UpdateIain McKie04-14-04  02:33 am
2nd Shirley McKie updateIain McKie04-11-04  01:47 pm
Shirley McKie UpdateIain McKie04-11-04  07:21 am
Fingerprint Classification Summary Poster???Webservant03-02-04  07:14 am
Cheap ComparatorsGerald Clough02-14-04  02:09 am
Shirley McKieDavid McKinlay01-29-04  06:24 pm
Question??Steve01-13-04  01:04 pm
Why does my new physical developer develop yellow ridgeswangyue01-02-04  09:53 am
Seeking LP Examiners to Review Impressions from the JFK Assassinati...James K. Olmstead12-28-03  11:04 am
"Tactical to Practical" ShowWebservant12-24-03  09:07 am
Bloody Fingerprintswangyuewz12-20-03  09:58 pm
Appellate Hearing on US v. Mitchell (the FIRST Daubert case on Fing...Webmaster09-10-03  06:32 am
Public Service Announcement from Your WebmasterWebmaster08-04-03  07:59 am
Transfer a Print?Jenny Chryss04-11-03  04:30 am
Looking for John "Dusty" Clark . . . can you help?juroc03-25-03  08:00 am
Classification SystemsWebmaster03-01-03  09:18 am
Theft, need help!Willy02-06-03  02:08 pm
Can Private Citizens Get Copies of FBI or Military Fingerprint CardsWebmaster12-07-02  09:18 am
Update Shirley McKieIain McKie11-24-02  03:55 pm
FBI/Lockheed Martin 50K Fingerprint Studybert11-08-02  02:46 pm
Update: SCROIain McKie09-20-02  06:00 pm
I'm looking for ways to show what type of tire left the markErnie Hamm09-20-02  01:50 am
Maintenance 21-24 APR 02Webmaster04-23-02  09:58 pm
Mylar Development TechniquesK O03-30-02  03:48 pm
Never-Never Land... an Update from Iain McKieWebmaster03-29-02  01:01 am
Is Daubert a good standard?Orin Thomas02-26-02  09:21 pm
Adverse Court Ruling for the Science of Fingerprint IdentificationKasey Wertheim01-10-02  11:34 am
Request for Information About Building a New Lab - from Phoenix PDWendy Locke10-19-01  12:51 pm
YOU MAY NOW Volunteer to Help with Casualty ID Efforts Reference t...Webmaster10-01-01  12:17 am
Recent Attacks on AmericaWebmaster09-12-01  11:57 pm
Work and TravelDavid09-06-01  04:45 pm
How to find a person's fingerprints by using social security number...Webmaster08-14-01  10:25 pm
Do different races have similar print characteristics?destiny04-17-01  09:14 pm
Inked fingerprint collection of exceptional / unique attributeskaren04-11-01  04:25 pm
History of FingerprintsColin Beavan03-15-01  06:08 pm
I want to contact a private consultant expertWebmaster03-11-01  08:38 am
Pay scalesJ.khan11-28-00  09:24 pm
AuthorityEd German10-29-00  03:53 pm
Policewoman Falsifies Victim's PrintWill05-23-00  09:19 pm
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