A Different Way to Eliminate Driving Blind Spots
Updated 27 Jun 08
If you are like most drivers, for many years you have been setting your side-view mirrors so they give you a view of the back corner of your car. This is the way your high school driving teacher or your parents probably taught you. But safety experts have discovered something very interesting. The back corner of the car never moves. It always stays in the same exact place. So there's really no reason to keep an eye on it.

By moving your side mirrors farther out, you can line up all three of your mirrors so they have at least some overlap -- and then you can see everything behind you.  Those cars you now see only by glancing back over your shoulder, will be visible in your side mirrors.

Here is what to do*:

1 - Start by setting your rearview mirror as you normally would.

2 - Lean your head all the way to the left so it touches the driver's window. From that position, adjust your left side-view mirror so you can see just the edge of the left side of your car.

3 - Move to the center of the seat (or position your head directly over the center console if you have bucket seats) and adjust the passenger’s side mirror until you can see just the edge of the right side of your car.

Now, when you get behind the wheel - cars behind you will be visible in your inside mirror, but as soon as they disappear from your inside mirror, you will be able to see them in your outside mirrors. Like magic - no more blind spots.

*Directions are for vehicles with the steering wheel mounted on the left side and outside mirrors mounted on the doors.

These mirror adjustments are probably contrary to what you have ever heard about safe driving, but your OnIn.com Webmasters swear by them... and this method is endorsed by various government and professional driving organizations. 

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