Updated 2 March 2022


  Light Mobile - Alternate Light Sources, Lasers, Forensic Photography 

AFIX Technologies - AFIS and Biometrics 

Amazon - Blue LED Flashlights

Arrowhead Forensics - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies/Equipment 

Air Science - Drying Cabinets and Fume Hood

Aorangi - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies/Equipment 

BVDA - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies

Coherent - Lasers  

Crime Scene - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies/Equipment 

Doje's - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies/Equipment 

Evident - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies/Equipment 

Fingerprint Pads - ID Technology - Fingerprint Pads and Miscellaneous Supplies/Equipment  (Division of Hitt Marking)

Foster + Freeman - Miscellaneous Forensic Imaging and Detection/Analysis Systems

Gemalto - AFIS and Biometrics

Hamamatsu - UV digital cameras  

IDEMIA - AFIS and Biometrics Updated

Kupo - UV transmission filters

Light Mobile - Alternate Light Sources, Lasers, Forensic Photography 

Lumatec - Alternate Light Sources

Lynn Peavey - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies/Equipment 

NEC - AFIS and Biometrics

Optics Planet - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies

Rofin  - Alternate Light Sources 

Safari Land - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies & Equipment 

Schneider Optics (includes B&W UV filters)

SIRCHIE - Miscellaneous Forensic Supplies & Equipment 

Spectra-Physics Lasers

SPEX Forensics - Illumination Systems, CrimeScope and AFIS  

Tritech - Digital Forensics Equipment and Systems

US Radar - Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems to assist with contraband location, finding objects hidden in walls, locating buried caches and more. 

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