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Ed German and his loving wife, Nannette


onin.com is maintained by Ed German as a private endeavor for both public service and personal interests.
Content herein does not purport to represent the position or opinion of the US Government or any other current or past employer or organization with which Ed German was or is affiliated.



Ed German

Why this website exists:  Nothing I have ever thought to be an original idea or personal achievement is truly just mine. Everything has been enabled by the generosity and kindness of those willing to help others, especially through sharing information and mentoring. Who would I be if I did not attempt to pay back at least a little?    
Why this website will always have some mistakes: 
Over a period of decades, scientific understanding in every discipline increases. Newly realized "truths" then enable replacement of erroneous portions of standards, guidelines and best practices consecrated by the previous generation of well-intentioned experts.
Like most people, my life consists of a large collection of imperfections, bound together by my personal interpretation of good intentions. I try to remember that everything I have seen or experienced is my perspective, not necessarily fact or truth.


Snail mail address:
Ed German
PO Box 242
Harristown IL  62537-

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