Loyal Order of Bungholers
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History of the Loyal Order of Bungholers, Officialis Nihil Emersi (LOB)

     The history of Bungholers extends back to the Middle Ages in Europe.  During the feudal system, many of the servants were in virtual slavery to their feudal lords.  One of the most respected was the wine steward, later to be known as the sommelier.  The sommelier was responsible for the festive occasions becoming more festive through the liberal use of alcohol.

     Unlike today, the making of wine was an arduous task.  Along with the picking and pressing, wine was fermented and stored in huge wooden vats.  As the wine fermented, it was moved to ever-smaller casks until the decanting for dinner or special occasions.  This was all overseen by the sommelier who would determine when the wine was re-vatted and decanted.  This was done by taste testing the wine through the use of a wine thief (a large hypodermic needle) placed through the cork in the cask referred to as the bung. 

     The lowest of the servant positions was that of the wine cask laborers referred to as the Bungholers.  They built casks, moved vats, poured wines and sealed casks with bung.  It was a messy job usually in cold, dark caves or basements of castles.  It also carried considerably risk due to the weight of the casks.  Often, the servants lived in the same area they worked.

     The only advantage of the Bungholers was that they also controlled the wine thief.  This allowed them access to wine for their own debauchery.  However, each cask had a known amount of liquid.  Since the sommelier knew this, the Bungholers often had to "refill" the casks with assorted liquids to hide their misappropriation.  The liquids used often depended on the treatment received from their masters.  The replacement was usually done by turning the cask so they were behind the cask and hidden as they "accessed" the bunghole. Thus the motto:  "We always come from behind." 

     The Loyal Order of Bungholers was founded in 1969 in tribute to those brave souls who struggled to provide us alcohol.  They knew how to party and were always aware of where to "stick it" and who to "stick it too".  The tradition was revived as an honorarium to Southern Comfort Hash House Harriers departing from our environs.  With the advent of a full team of mismanagement, we have gone to the next level to honor those that have been instrumental in the continuing success of SCH3. 

     The Medal of the Southern Comfort Hash House Harriers is part of the award and denotes the common link between all of us who hash in accordance with the charter of Southern Comfort.  The medal's obverse side refers to the fat, dumb and happy hasher prior to trail.  The inverse side reflects the after effects of a Southern Comfort Trail.  It also displays the SCH3 motto, "Pays Your Money, Takes Your Chances." 

     In military tradition, it is the coloration of the ribbon which denotes the level, status and privilege of the award.  We have chosen burgundy for the ribbon of the Loyal Order of Bungholers to unite us with our wine preparing ancestors and debauchers.  So to you members, pays your money, takes your chances and come from behind. 

by HareLips
SCH3 Religious Advisor
June 2001

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