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Latent Print Examination » I am looking for a job in Fingerprints/Latent Print Examination  

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Will an Online Fingerprint Course Qualify Me for a Job?Norm Greenwood 06-20-18  11:38 am
How can I become a fingerprint technician?Cheryl Harper 05-18-16  04:34 pm
Look for AFIS manager positionwatson 04-22-15  08:52 am
Fingerprint Technician seeking work in Australiasiobhangarvin 03-26-14  05:28 pm
How Can I Become a Latent Print Examiner?Kate moseley 35 02-17-14  08:55 am
What is the Difference Between LP Examiner and Fingerprint Examiner?Webservant 07-04-13  10:53 am
Just Starting, Really!DEANNA DAY 07-18-10  02:20 pm
In search of training.AmandaKay 16 08-06-09  02:27 pm
Desperate job searchemeka odikpo 07-17-09  02:20 am
Non Sworn Fingerprint Expert roles in Australia?Dabs 05-27-09  07:21 pm
Former FBI Fingerprint Examiner with over 10 years experience!vikramjeet 05-23-09  02:31 am
Looking for a Job as Latent Print Examinerronaldmiles 10-02-08  12:14 pm
I am looking for a job in FingerprintsFred T Guerrero 11-01-07  02:48 am
Studying for an Employment Test... Sequential ProcessingWebservant 04-11-07  05:32 am
Latent Print Examinerbrandstrader 02-15-07  02:24 pm
UNH Masters, Latent Certificates...where do I dust?Bryan Connell 10-16-06  03:37 pm
A Day in the Life of a Latent Print Examiner?Administrator 09-25-06  07:14 am
Training Programs!Jesse Wargo08-03-06  03:50 pm
I am looking for employment as a forensic rad tech or as a crime sc...Muhammad Sadiq02-03-06  04:07 am
Educated, Graduated, and Ready to WorkDeborah Taub02-02-06  11:57 am
Retiring and Restarting after 33 Years in Fingerprintsindratej11-30-04  04:56 am
Looking for job in USAEndo_rom08-03-04  12:51 pm
Looking for ID/LP examiner positionabul-khayer F. Enca05-22-04  08:52 am
Looking for entry level postion as a latent fingerprint examinerronnie-val kulong05-05-04  09:12 am
Latent Prints: Looking for job / internship / advice!!!ronnie-val kulong05-05-04  09:09 am
Searching for InformationSteve Everist11-10-03  08:55 am
Also just startingAmy Reedy04-02-03  07:00 am
Graduating in May with a B.S. in Forensic and Investigative ScienceJennifer Campbell01-07-02  12:19 pm
NJ area: Looking for summer job expierence for B.S degree I am purs...tracytague11-24-01  12:37 pm
Graduating soon with a B.S. in Forensic Identification from WVU Melissa Webb10-23-01  12:18 am
I am currently pursuing a BS in Criminal Justice and minor in Chemi...Nicole Rowe07-24-01  11:59 am
Nycole-HoustonCraig Fos04-06-01  11:46 am
Entry Level Position With Experiencenina mastro02-07-01  11:47 am
Entry level position test questionDarlene Sousa01-25-01  01:47 am
Experienced Latent Print and Crime Scene Tech seeking positionSteven Ploharski01-17-01  06:25 am
IAI Certified Latent Print Examiner looking for a latent print job ...Mark R. Mills11-11-00  08:20 pm
22 Years in FingerprintsAguilarGil08-20-00  03:47 pm
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