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How long do finger prints last on something?John332 14 09-18-18  07:30 pm
Tenprint card conversion to digital formatAdministrator 02-20-18  12:48 pm
Military Fingerprints in the FBI's DatabaseMarsha Chamblee 06-23-17  03:32 am
FBI Civil FileAdministrator 01-10-17  03:57 pm
Can fingerprints be obtained from clothing?Maria 08-25-16  06:35 am
How far back does AFIS go?edward corso 11-05-15  09:44 pm
Euclidian distanceAdministrator 05-20-15  11:35 pm
NY Security Guard Fingerprintingsecuritycurious 07-20-14  09:15 am
Compression on top of WSQDanny 10-28-13  02:44 pm
Technical Validation of AFIS (ISO 17025)aprudhom 03-15-13  10:02 pm
Effects of water on fingerprintsAuth 07-19-12  11:37 am
Footprint and finger printssteve mckibben 07-13-10  07:57 pm
Witness/victim fingerprints? Jason Molino 05-06-10  02:19 pm
What efects of scarring - fingerprintsJason Molino 05-06-10  02:18 pm
Statistics of Cases Resolved by FingerprintingCraig A. Sweeney 10-21-09  10:56 pm
Military ProsecutionsJeff 09-26-09  09:54 am
Fingerprints Surface Shawn 05-25-09  11:16 am
Lifting Latent Prints from BricksGreg Watson 05-20-09  02:59 pm
Immigration said I had a Fingerprint Warning-MatchLORENA 03-21-09  01:13 pm
Fingerprints simularity from parents to childrenmadi a 01-15-09  05:46 pm
Similarity of fingeprintJose F. Cuevas Jr. 01-12-09  08:33 pm
Henry Classification TestAdministrator 10-28-08  08:09 am
Employee checksRanjan Goswami 04-15-08  09:54 am
AFIS Historyjenna808 11 01-13-08  06:10 pm
Fingerprint removaljeff moore 01-06-08  03:42 pm
AFIS ResearchJames Buchi 11-15-07  07:34 pm
Demand for fingerprints from an employer....the employees rightsadam scott 10-31-07  04:48 am
AFIS Search QuestionRon Brooks 10-14-07  11:28 am
FingerprintsWebservant 09-30-07  04:20 pm
Victim Elimination FingerprintsNancy Jenkins 08-06-07  04:13 pm
FingerprintsMarissa 11 04-15-07  10:34 am
Fingerprints in twinsTravis 02-25-07  12:13 pm
Criminal Speeding?Eric Erickson 01-29-07  10:39 pm
Prevalence of any one type of fingerprint in men and womenMichele Triplett 01-22-07  09:37 am
Large AFIS algorithmEd Campbell 11-24-06  10:25 am
Pressure distortion and effects this may have on an AFIS match bontril 10-27-06  06:08 pm
Lifting prints from a dusty carJennifer Olds 10-16-06  05:25 pm
Reversed IdentificationAdministrator 10-10-06  05:43 am
AFIS procedure for matching fingerprints 09-20-06  11:48 am
Question for youJohn Bredehoft07-10-06  05:27 pm
Who's included in the FBI AFIS Database?Kasey11 04-29-06  09:42 am
Identical twins and maching fingerprintTatenda Chaibva03-02-06  05:35 am
Fingerprint analysis over the yearsEmma Borg02-22-06  10:26 am
If you burn your hand , will you still have a finger print?Helpful LP Exmr01-12-06  06:48 am
FOIA Responses about AFIS (Expunged Records & Background Investigat...Webservant09-16-05  10:38 am
At what age does a baby have enough ridge detail to roll and compare?Gary Jones08-19-05  10:03 pm
Ten Print DHS Proposal RON08-02-05  12:43 am
What is your work program on AFIS in diferent countries ?dmdm06-06-05  02:11 pm
Toeprints and fingerprintsbmates06-04-05  12:54 pm
How fingerprints are done?Ketamine05-12-05  03:56 pm
Pros and consNot serious03-10-05  08:54 am
Fingerprints in IAFIS!Webservant03-07-05  12:17 pm
Finger Print was negativeKasey Wertheim02-23-05  08:44 pm
Is it possible to identify the date of finger prints?Webservant12-12-04  10:22 am
Fingerprint identification complexityWebservant12-08-04  06:38 pm
Babies and AFIS/IAFISWebservant12-01-04  01:05 pm
Training to afis systemWebservant10-14-04  06:42 am
NIJ Solicitation for Fast Capture Fingerprint/Palm Print Technology Webservant09-08-04  05:00 pm
Help Wanted - How large is your AFIS candidate list?Endo_rom07-31-04  05:20 am
Usefulness of fingerprints taken for civil matters?B. Scott Swann07-13-04  04:56 pm
Statistics on palm vs. finger latentsKathy Saviers06-30-04  07:01 pm
PaperErnie Hamm04-29-04  09:57 am
Photoshop and AFISDave Tivin03-24-04  05:12 am
Are fingerprints a good source of indentification?jacqueline03-02-04  07:24 pm
Are fingerprints of each finger different or same in one person?Steve01-29-04  12:21 pm
StandardsWebmaster12-20-03  10:33 am
AFIS generates NCIC code automatically or not?FPC211010-12-03  03:30 am
Please Participate in the IAI AFIS SurveyWebmaster02-10-03  10:02 pm
Fingerprinting problemsDennis Zezula02-07-03  02:35 pm
Fingerprint left on wet surfaceR. Hutchens09-03-02  04:16 pm
Do have to have a suspect to match prints?Ron06-02-02  09:35 am
RidgesRon06-02-02  09:22 am
Seeking to Exchange AFIS Bid Spec (RFQ) Sample Wording with other a...John Froude04-01-02  12:19 pm
Thumb printsKasey Wertheim03-08-02  07:22 am
Distinguishing fingerprintsKasey Wertheim01-15-02  08:51 pm
What effects does acetone or acids have on the fingerprints?John Froude11-20-01  09:32 am
Are federal employees fingerprints automatically entered in the FBI...Christopher Dean10-20-01  10:53 am
Suggested processing technique for leather Wayne05-13-01  07:02 pm
Finger print securityvaanye04-12-01  01:00 am
Fingerprints changessareca03-25-01  06:23 pm
Fingerprint formationswearenginok01-31-01  11:37 am
Dusting for Printserdrag09-01-00  11:53 pm
Finger prints on a match bookJosie08-02-00  05:38 pm
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