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Forgery/Fabrication MethodsTom Washington 04-13-18  02:51 pm
Info regarding phloxine B for processing prints in bloodeliot springer 01-10-18  10:13 am
Running Prints in Other DatabasesAdministrator 08-30-17  10:36 am
Complex LP Consultancy EffortAdministrator 01-06-17  11:43 am
Alternative to ULW to view EFT files?Amy Thayer 12-26-16  11:54 am
Minimum Minutiae RequirementSummer Maffett 12-26-16  11:46 am
Iodine fumingmmmmmmmmm 06-07-16  02:29 pm
What if one was born without fingerprints?Kelly Greene 03-22-16  08:51 pm
Anyone use CSI pix matcher?Brit T 09-22-15  11:23 am
Removing stamps and opening sealed envelopesIan Fleming 05-21-15  06:09 pm
Latent to latent comparisonsAdministrator 05-20-15  11:22 pm
Cartridge Electrostatic Recovery & Analysis (CERA)ruben hendrik botha 01-22-15  06:41 am
Bright Beam Laser feedbackTony Johnson 09-25-14  03:24 pm
Un-duRon Lee 08-21-14  05:39 pm
Any Mideo Latentworks Users?Halim Mackey 04-22-14  09:57 am
Fingerprint evidenceIan Fleming 04-16-14  10:28 pm
Documentation of Multiple Individualizations to One SubjectHalim Mackey 12-19-13  02:29 pm
Dry Ninhydrin ValidationHeather Kohles 10-17-13  07:12 pm
Looking for assistance processing odd tapeBob Kopec 09-20-13  09:20 am
VMD processingMary Symons 09-03-13  12:52 pm
Study on Latents Recovered from Fireams JFIDaniel Recker 07-22-13  08:04 am
TFD-2 device feedback?latent_printcess 07-04-13  12:55 pm
ACE-V worksheetWebservant 07-04-13  12:33 pm
Creases and 3rd level detailRaelyn Steele 05-06-13  12:11 pm
Ethical Issues for LPE's and Communitybb 03-14-13  02:07 pm
TFD-2 device feedback?Monique Stover 02-23-13  02:35 pm
Concentration of Eccrine GlandsJon Daly 12-02-12  09:17 am
One Discrepancy RuleDennis Catalano 12-02-12  09:16 am
Detecting fingerprints using ESDA?thank you 12-02-12  09:12 am
Ninhydrin 24 hour rule and development?interested 07-10-12  04:33 pm
"Father" of Fingerprinting TechniqueJury Rocamora 07-08-12  01:05 am
Storing human handsKimberly Mears 04-27-12  02:31 pm
How damaging is IND, DFO, NIN and PD to potential DNA on paper?Amy Dorsey 04-25-12  09:51 am
Standard practice for paper post chemical treatment?Exnsy 04-04-12  07:12 am
Thermic paperLawrence Parasram 03-15-12  07:13 am
Devolping techniques for thermal paper Lawrence Parasram 11 03-15-12  07:06 am
Identification of partially obscured printRichard Fairchild 03-08-12  04:47 pm
Processing leather shoesMLG 12-07-11  06:12 pm
1,2 indanedioneAndrew Reitnauer 10-05-11  09:03 am
Elmers GlueCamie Mateski 09-07-11  02:14 pm
Fiber BrushesGregory Lennon 08-02-11  06:17 pm
Fingerprinting cold surfacesMason Hines 07-20-11  10:26 pm
Volunteer Examiners NeededMason Hines 07-20-11  09:23 pm
Footprint ResourcesErnest D. Hamm 06-26-11  09:43 am
Minimum Latent Print TrainingMandy B 06-25-11  03:15 pm
Sticky-side powder adheres to what in prints?Andrew Reitnauer 04-18-11  07:47 am
Rhodamine on Baggies- leaving spots!!L 02-10-11  11:31 pm
Judge Pollak RulingMonique Stover 02-03-11  02:20 pm
POSSIBILITY OF 2 FINGERS THE SAMEMichele Triplett 12-29-10  10:23 am
Successful Hand Transplants and Fingerprints?bullpup95 12-26-10  10:42 pm
Homemade fingerprinting compoundsTaylor Hadden 12-26-10  10:42 pm
Processing bacon soaked papersLaura A DeLong 11-08-10  03:38 pm
Removing blood from paper prior to processing for latentsAndrew Reitnauer 11-05-10  03:28 pm
Minimum points in Germany & ArgentinaChris McLean 08-05-10  09:33 am
Acid Yellow PrepManishi Agarwal 06-18-10  01:10 pm
How many cases are too many?Daniel Recker 06-08-10  02:22 pm
TESTIMONY OUTSIDE AREA OF EXPERTISERaven Murphy 06-05-10  12:32 pm
Court ExhibitsJennifer Kostroski 05-28-10  11:54 am
Recent Court RulingJason Molino 05-14-10  10:27 am
Fingerprinting stainMichele Triplett 04-23-10  08:16 am
Light Brushing vs. Twirling with Conventional Powdersjfrick 02-19-10  01:59 pm
ABC FSAT - Exam PrepRandy Hoffman 01-13-10  09:29 am
Problems with Acid YellowBarbie 11-18-09  08:54 pm
Indanedione on curencyD. Rowles 11-18-09  08:52 pm
DFO problemsSamantha 11-10-09  01:42 pm
Chloride compound chemical questionAndrew Reitnauer 09-23-09  03:47 pm
Ninhydrin humidity chamberJillian Frick - SBPD09-23-09  02:33 pm
Form blindnessW.V.Gullickson 09-17-09  03:53 pm
Wolf Performance Ammunition.Andrew Reitnauer 08-26-09  07:44 am
Ridge damage by spinning wheel?Doede Nicolaas Rijpk05-19-09  08:33 am
Use of creases for identification purposesRenee Luna 05-01-09  12:26 pm
Removal of superglue printsMay Yuen 12-03-08  02:30 am
VMDsofie de winne 10-31-08  03:45 am
Can fingerprints be scientifically individualized?Webservant 09-17-08  10:23 pm
Insufficient Detail for ComparisonGerald Clough 09-05-08  02:09 pm
Research questionsTom Washington 08-31-08  09:57 am
RTX Developer solutionStaceyLynn 08-25-08  10:05 pm
What should happen to Experts that make a wrong identification?Gerald Clough 08-15-08  11:14 am
Is there a free program as strong as Adobe Photoshop?Will 07-28-08  08:28 pm
Acid Yellow Development of Bloody Latent Printspppo 07-06-08  09:10 pm
Rapid Ninhydrin Development without Expensive or Dangerous Solvents18001 07-04-08  05:08 pm
Comparison records for Examiners1800 10 07-04-08  04:08 pm
Processing QuestionMike Hood 07-02-08  10:14 am
New SWGFAST Standards Posted for ReviewWebservant 06-30-08  07:56 pm
Identifying generic paterns from unknown printsjaren 06-23-08  10:12 am
Scars on fingerprintsmuhammad sadiq 06-02-08  11:27 pm
Are RUVIS and/or Super Glue Fuming Wands Worthwhile?Webservant 05-18-08  12:01 pm
Fingerprinting the deadErnie Hamm 05-03-08  06:23 am
Do you spend much time on EXCLUSIONS?Bay_area_criminalist04-02-08  04:53 pm
AAFSEagleEye2 02-25-08  10:13 am
Looking for written information on arson investigationErnie Hamm 01-24-08  05:19 pm
Duct tape question...RC Richards 01-21-08  04:05 pm
New dilemma: garbage bags ROBBY OBERSON 12-05-07  12:14 pm
Powdering then superglue fuming? Anton Roland de Kler11-02-07  05:56 am
Portable Fuming TentsMichele Triplett 10-28-07  01:11 pm
Has any one seen ..Anton Roland de Kler10-28-07  12:58 pm
When is there enough for a positive identification?Anton Roland de Kler10-15-07  04:40 am
Digital PhotographyAnton Roland de Kler09-07-07  02:04 am
Other species that possess identifiable friction ridge detailErnie Hamm 09-04-07  08:50 am
lifting of rtxGail B 08-13-07  05:54 pm
Glass beer bottle from DUI accident: special problemAndrew Reitnauer 07-13-07  03:58 pm
Polymeric MicellesJackie 07-11-07  09:42 am
Latent Print Verifications (and Conflict Resolution)Webservant 06-25-07  07:31 am
Dermatoglyphic Research CollectionsAden 06-04-07  01:10 pm
Rhodamine improvementAndrew Reitnauer 06-01-07  08:16 am
Enhancement of cyanoacrylated latent fingerprintsAndrew Reitnauer 05-29-07  04:34 pm
Printer/fax qualityStephanie 04-12-07  03:23 pm
AFIS V NCICroboocp 02-26-07  04:32 pm
LP Examiner Vision Questions (shades of gray and spatial frequency ...Webservant 02-26-07  06:58 am
How many finger patterns are there in a human ?Aaron Ash 01-30-07  08:46 pm
Looking for more information on micro-x-ray fluorescence (MXRF) res...Genise 01-29-07  01:18 am
Victim / Witness elimination fingerprint cardsMichele Triplett 11-14-06  07:26 pm
Excluding individuals using only level 1 detail viagra 10-27-06  06:50 pm
Daubert Hearing about 50K x 50K study Gay 10-17-06  04:54 am
Deceased identification - "Hand Boiling" method casino review 09-20-06  07:57 pm
Research- CA with different side chain groupsAndrew Reitnauer 09-05-06  09:34 am
David AshbaughChris D. Cush 09-04-06  07:13 pm
FIngerprint Verification Techniques & Results comparisonRehan Nemati 09-03-06  04:19 pm
Untrained people using pc based automated fingerprint identificatio...Chris D. Cush 19 09-02-06  05:08 pm
Processing finger printsChris D. Cush 09-02-06  04:08 pm
Rogue ExaminersChris D. Cush 09-02-06  04:01 pm
Processing for latents on bloody clothesChris D. Cush 09-02-06  03:52 pm
Questions about FP.Chris D. Cush 09-02-06  03:42 pm
Processing prints left in roofing tarChris D. Cush 09-02-06  02:53 pm
Proteins in Latent PrintsChris D. Cush 09-02-06  02:26 pm
Ninhydrin in HFE-7100 and Physical DeveloperBruce W. Link 08-30-06  10:26 pm
Titanium Dioxide EnhancementWebservant 08-22-06  07:32 am
Ink over prints vs prints over ink- What came first?mroe05-15-06  03:49 pm
Processing Thermal Papervaleriebrann04-07-06  05:14 pm
How Do I Remove Dried Blood, but Preserve Latent Prints BeneathLiana03-25-06  08:19 pm
MBD questionGreg O03-03-06  10:10 am
Formation of friction ridgesMary Ellen Holmberg03-02-06  01:40 pm
Other treatment for Rhodamine stained electrical tape?guest02-22-06  05:25 pm
Can super-glue degrade over time?guest01-31-06  11:06 am
Implementation of a Blind Verification for Latent ComparisonsSteveKing01-26-06  12:44 pm
Enhancement of bloody printsIan Clingan01-17-06  06:36 pm
Has anyone used the background removal filters in the veripic photo...Orin12-16-05  12:01 am
Is it okay for investigators to dust after super glue fuming in the...Ernie Hamm11-01-05  10:47 pm
Thermanin (1,2,3-indantrione monohydrate)Jade Lyons10-24-05  05:24 am
Overlapping PrintsWebservant09-07-05  08:14 am
NCIC Code for Bandaged FingerWebservant06-22-05  09:19 am
Dyestain clean-up on firearm?Anna05-03-05  09:12 am
Different latent fingerprint found on fourth lift of latent on itemWebservant04-28-05  04:10 am
Age of fingerprintswilliam t jordan04-20-05  03:36 pm
How to Answer Questions about Other Persons' CLPE StatusWebservant04-14-05  09:29 am
Donation of Excess Supplies/Equipment for Iraqi Crime LabsWebservant04-08-05  07:59 am
Sticky Side Gray Tape Procedure. Need Advice.Kathy Saviers03-16-05  10:35 am
Glue Lift TechniqueBill Sampson03-15-05  05:04 pm
Mikrosil used for lifting latentsBill Sampson03-13-05  10:54 am
Survey on Your Understanding and Use of Level 3 DetailChristophe Champod11-04-04  05:16 am
Does Cyanoacrylate Fuming Interfere with DNA?Gerald Clough09-24-04  03:43 pm
Phisology of the finger.vjmehta07-29-04  02:58 pm
Locating Liquid NitrogenKathy Saviers07-22-04  10:36 am
Brandon Mayfield - Erroneous IdentificationRichard A. Erfert06-14-04  11:26 am
Radio Show about Fingerprints - 10 Jun 04 - "The Connection"Webservant06-12-04  12:17 pm
Polling of IAI experts re McKie caseMichele Triplett05-23-04  09:07 pm
Protocols for Digital EvidenceCindy Homer03-12-04  10:03 pm
Post mortem identificationErnie Hamm03-02-04  10:06 pm
Stolen Cars Sprayed Down with (WD40-like) Oil SprayWebservant03-02-04  07:02 am
What chemicals are in a fingerprintBalraj Sohal UK01-10-04  03:56 pm
Development of fingerprints on metal surfacesErnie Hamm01-06-04  11:58 am
FX10B Optical ComparatorKasey Wertheim01-02-04  04:38 pm
Wetwop validationbob cestaro10-08-03  06:08 pm
Self-Adhesive StampsErnie Hamm10-02-03  07:34 pm
Warning about Destroying CD Computer Crime Evidence with Tape LiftsWebmaster09-27-03  10:58 am
Latent Comparisons from Photographic NegativeDonna09-05-03  08:00 am
Fax ComparisonsKasey Wertheim07-17-03  11:42 am
Transition to Digital Imagingkasey wertheim05-30-03  06:40 pm
How can FP Experts visiting Japan find the Dr. Henry Faulds Memorial?Webmaster05-29-03  02:20 am
Finger print image processingUzma05-28-03  06:02 am
Help in Locating a specific brand of mag powderHerbert Leon MacDone05-01-03  11:45 pm
Development of latent prints on paper soaked in decomposing body fl...Rick Hammer04-14-03  03:50 pm
Locardles bush04-01-03  12:53 am
Vacuum Metal DepositionS. Drehoble03-25-03  03:23 am
Was there a verification in the Utah bum ident?Terry A. Smith03-17-03  09:16 am
Sudan Black for Latent Print DevelopmentEllen Anderson02-21-03  11:39 am
Question regarding lifting prints from "rough" surfacesGary Davis02-07-03  10:23 am
Best procedure for obtaining latent prints from live and spent cart...Kasey Wertheim12-19-02  08:10 am
VACUUM METAL DEPOSITION V. CA & DYE STAINSJohn Nielson12-18-02  11:51 am
"The Prenatal Origins of Population Differences in Human Dermatogly...John Nielson11-05-02  02:21 pm
Colored sweatKathy Saviers10-29-02  10:14 pm
Enhancing Bloody Fingerprints on Porous SurfaceBert VAN DIJCK10-08-02  03:26 pm
Cold Case Re-Examination ?Graham Ford10-07-02  09:39 pm
Magnetic Powder DevelopmentErnie Hamm09-14-02  10:05 pm
Salary questionsdactyl07-26-02  09:02 am
Human friction ridge skinStudent from the Phi07-24-02  07:24 am
Looking for identified latent printJury G. Rocamora06-20-02  06:51 am
Dimethyloaminocinnamaldehyde DMACTomek Szczepanski06-08-02  02:29 am
Digital Imaging TrainingWayne05-31-02  03:37 pm
Dyes after superglue fumingKathy Saviers05-28-02  11:45 am
Incipient RidgeErnie Hamm05-24-02  12:32 pm
"suspected" bloody print on a Glock KO05-15-02  02:22 pm
Emergency ResponseFloyd Bowen05-03-02  12:26 pm
The science of fingerprints- an exact science?Paul Lowe11 04-16-02  06:39 pm
Humidity chambers and AgitatorsWayne03-30-02  09:41 pm
Palm contaminated with edible oilTerry A. Smith03-12-02  08:35 am
Profiency testing for latent print examinersKasey Wertheim03-11-02  08:42 am
Evaulation of "Dermatoglyphics" by DurhamKasey Wertheim02-12-02  06:27 pm
Looking for a suitable lifting tapeKathy Saviers02-12-02  10:44 am
Chemical fingerprinting of black electrical tapeKathy Saviers02-12-02  10:37 am
Overlapping latent prints; which came first?Kasey Wertheim02-10-02  11:15 pm
Production Standards for Latent Print Examiners - Good or Bad?Dave M01-05-02  03:47 pm
Taking Prints of the handWebmaster12-28-01  07:33 am
Lip printsKasey Wertheim11-07-01  09:18 am
Latent Prints from Adhesive Surfaces??Ernie Hamm07-10-01  08:31 am
Chemical and Reagent logs from ASCLD-Certified LabsErnie Hamm06-18-01  10:45 pm
Falsified or forged fingerprintsWebmaster05-22-01  07:36 pm
Number of Points Necessary for IdentificationWebmaster04-28-01  11:56 pm
Processing QuestionEd German01-15-01  01:33 pm
Development of fingerprints on wet cardelbert horsley09-26-00  05:19 am
Seeking 300W versus 500W Polilight InfoMyriam Azoury07-04-00  04:58 pm
Justification for Private LP Examiner OfficesWebmaster06-05-00  09:56 pm
Negative feedback from attorneysJohn R. Vanderkolk06-04-00  12:29 am
Comparison, Verification and AFIS Policiesrgarro05-31-00  10:30 pm
What and Who is Daubert Webmaster05-21-00  09:03 pm
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