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Latent Print Examination
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Forgery/Fabrication Methods
Info regarding phloxine B for processing prints in blood
Running Prints in Other Databases
Complex LP Consultancy Effort
Alternative to ULW to view EFT files?
Minimum Minutiae Requirement
Iodine fuming
What if one was born without fingerprints?
Anyone use CSI pix matcher?
Removing stamps and opening sealed envelopes
Latent to latent comparisons
Cartridge Electrostatic Recovery & Analysis (CERA)...
Bright Beam Laser feedback
Any Mideo Latentworks Users?
Fingerprint evidence
Documentation of Multiple Individualizations to One Subject
Dry Ninhydrin Validation
Looking for assistance processing odd tape
VMD processing
Study on Latents Recovered from Fireams JFI
TFD-2 device feedback?
ACE-V worksheet
Creases and 3rd level detail
Ethical Issues for LPE's and Community
TFD-2 device feedback?
Concentration of Eccrine Glands
One Discrepancy Rule
Detecting fingerprints using ESDA?
Ninhydrin 24 hour rule and development?
"Father" of Fingerprinting Technique
Storing human hands
How damaging is IND, DFO, NIN and PD to potential DNA on ...
Standard practice for paper post chemical treatment?
Thermic paper
Devolping techniques for thermal paper
Identification of partially obscured print
Processing leather shoes
1,2 indanedione
Elmers Glue
Fiber Brushes
Fingerprinting cold surfaces
Volunteer Examiners Needed
Footprint Resources
Minimum Latent Print Training
Sticky-side powder adheres to what in prints?
Rhodamine on Baggies- leaving spots!!
Judge Pollak Ruling
Successful Hand Transplants and Fingerprints?
Homemade fingerprinting compounds
Processing bacon soaked papers
Removing blood from paper prior to processing for latents
Minimum points in Germany & Argentina
Acid Yellow Prep
How many cases are too many?
Court Exhibits
Recent Court Ruling
Fingerprinting stain
Light Brushing vs. Twirling with Conventional Powders
ABC FSAT - Exam Prep
Problems with Acid Yellow
Indanedione on curency
DFO problems
Chloride compound chemical question
Ninhydrin humidity chamber
Form blindness
Wolf Performance Ammunition.
Ridge damage by spinning wheel?
Use of creases for identification purposes
Removal of superglue prints
Can fingerprints be scientifically individualized?
Insufficient Detail for Comparison
Research questions
RTX Developer solution
What should happen to Experts that make a wrong identific...
Is there a free program as strong as Adobe Photoshop?
Acid Yellow Development of Bloody Latent Prints
Rapid Ninhydrin Development without Expensive or Dangerou...
Comparison records for Examiners
Processing Question
New SWGFAST Standards Posted for Review
Identifying generic paterns from unknown prints
Scars on fingerprints
Are RUVIS and/or Super Glue Fuming Wands Worthwhile?
Fingerprinting the dead
Do you spend much time on EXCLUSIONS?
Looking for written information on arson investigation
Duct tape question...
New dilemma: garbage bags
Powdering then superglue fuming?
Portable Fuming Tents
Has any one seen ..
When is there enough for a positive identification?
Digital Photography
Other species that possess identifiable friction ridge de...
lifting of rtx
Glass beer bottle from DUI accident: special problem
Polymeric Micelles
Latent Print Verifications (and Conflict Resolution)
Dermatoglyphic Research Collections
Rhodamine improvement
Enhancement of cyanoacrylated latent fingerprints
Printer/fax quality
LP Examiner Vision Questions (shades of gray and spatial ...
How many finger patterns are there in a human ?
Looking for more information on micro-x-ray fluorescence ...
Victim / Witness elimination fingerprint cards
Excluding individuals using only level 1 detail
Daubert Hearing about 50K x 50K study
Deceased identification - "Hand Boiling" method
Research- CA with different side chain groups
David Ashbaugh
FIngerprint Verification Techniques & Results comparison
Untrained people using pc based automated fingerprint ide...
Processing finger prints
Rogue Examiners
Processing for latents on bloody clothes
Questions about FP.
Processing prints left in roofing tar
Proteins in Latent Prints
Ninhydrin in HFE-7100 and Physical Developer
Titanium Dioxide Enhancement
Ink over prints vs prints over ink- What came first?
Processing Thermal Paper
How Do I Remove Dried Blood, but Preserve Latent Prints B...
MBD question
Formation of friction ridges
Other treatment for Rhodamine stained electrical tape?
Can super-glue degrade over time?
Implementation of a Blind Verification for Latent Compari...
Enhancement of bloody prints
Has anyone used the background removal filters in the ver...
Is it okay for investigators to dust after super glue fum...
Thermanin (1,2,3-indantrione monohydrate)
Overlapping Prints
NCIC Code for Bandaged Finger
Dyestain clean-up on firearm?
Different latent fingerprint found on fourth lift of late...
Age of fingerprints
How to Answer Questions about Other Persons' CLPE Status
Donation of Excess Supplies/Equipment for Iraqi Crime Labs
Sticky Side Gray Tape Procedure. Need Advice.
Glue Lift Technique
Mikrosil used for lifting latents
Survey on Your Understanding and Use of Level 3 Detail
Does Cyanoacrylate Fuming Interfere with DNA?
Phisology of the finger.
Locating Liquid Nitrogen
Brandon Mayfield - Erroneous Identification
Radio Show about Fingerprints - 10 Jun 04 - "The Connecti...
Polling of IAI experts re McKie case
Protocols for Digital Evidence
Post mortem identification
Stolen Cars Sprayed Down with (WD40-like) Oil Spray
What chemicals are in a fingerprint
Development of fingerprints on metal surfaces
FX10B Optical Comparator
Wetwop validation
Self-Adhesive Stamps
Warning about Destroying CD Computer Crime Evidence with ...
Latent Comparisons from Photographic Negative
Fax Comparisons
Transition to Digital Imaging
How can FP Experts visiting Japan find the Dr. Henry Faul...
Finger print image processing
Help in Locating a specific brand of mag powder
Development of latent prints on paper soaked in decomposi...
Vacuum Metal Deposition
Was there a verification in the Utah bum ident?
Sudan Black for Latent Print Development
Question regarding lifting prints from "rough" surfaces...
Best procedure for obtaining latent prints from live and ...
"The Prenatal Origins of Population Differences in Human ...
Colored sweat
Enhancing Bloody Fingerprints on Porous Surface
Cold Case Re-Examination ?
Magnetic Powder Development
Salary questions
Human friction ridge skin
Looking for identified latent print
Dimethyloaminocinnamaldehyde DMAC
Digital Imaging Training
Dyes after superglue fuming
Incipient Ridge
"suspected" bloody print on a Glock
Emergency Response
The science of fingerprints- an exact science?
Humidity chambers and Agitators
Palm contaminated with edible oil
Profiency testing for latent print examiners
Evaulation of "Dermatoglyphics" by Durham
Looking for a suitable lifting tape
Chemical fingerprinting of black electrical tape
Overlapping latent prints; which came first?
Production Standards for Latent Print Examiners - Good or...
Taking Prints of the hand
Lip prints
Latent Prints from Adhesive Surfaces??
Chemical and Reagent logs from ASCLD-Certified Labs
Falsified or forged fingerprints
Number of Points Necessary for Identification
Processing Question
Development of fingerprints on wet car
Seeking 300W versus 500W Polilight Info
Justification for Private LP Examiner Offices
Negative feedback from attorneys
Comparison, Verification and AFIS Policies
What and Who is Daubert
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