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Latent Print Examination
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Expand/Collapse TopicGeneral Questions from Non-Fingerprint Experts
Capturing and storing fingerprints
Do fingerprints have left- and right-hand symmetry?
Fingerprints on paper
Does wearing latex gloves deter from detecting fingerprin...
Fingerprints from concrete?
Poor Quality Fingerprints from Elderly Persons
Just thought of something and had to ask.
Small items
Fingerprint Development using Kr85 absorption/autoradiogr...
How many minutiae points must match to stand in the court...
Fingerprints on scanned documents
Unreadable fingerprints
Different type of fingerprints on an individual
Convictions made by fingerprint comparison alone
Lifting off a Fireplace Pokeh
How long does a fingerprint last on an object?
Lifting fingerprints off textured surfaces.
Prints Only Obtainable on Slick, Hard Surface?
What is the difference between civil and criminal identif...
Can photos of finger prints be used to ID a person?
Finger print being wiped away
Fingerprints from clothing
How Can I Disguise My Fingerprints
Upcoming employment test...
Fingerprint Comparison
Fingerprints and archaeology
Who owns the fingerprints?
Juvenile to adult fingerprints
Poor Fingerprints
Father of Fingerprinting
Universal Latent Workstation
Converting Henry Classification to NCIC
True case, need help, suicide or not?
Latent prints
All 10 fingers are whorls.
How to find a testing company/lab
Female or Male
Fingerprints on different surface..
Can you tell if fingerprints were added before or after p...
Change fron numeric to non-numeric
Fingerprint v. Toeprint
Do Victims Have a Right to Obtain Copies of Latent Prints...
Postal carrier delivered unknown inhabitant enevelope
Latent prints and duct tape
What Training is Required to Become a Fingerprint Examiner?
Fingerprints from crumpled plastic wrap?
Visual examination
Identification Statistics
Hiding fingerprints
Fingerprinting powders
Prints on Different Hands?
Will the police process an item for prints, even when no ...
Can employers demand FPs for investigation of no crime
Obtaining Prints From a Typed Letter (and is there a Publ...
Fingerprint Fossil ?
Fingerprints on rocks
Powders For Different Surfaces
Altering Prints
Finger Print After Death
Military Prosecutions
Indentify prints on same hand
Are prints detectable on matchsticks
What is a Reasonable Number of Fingerprints Developed on ...
Fingerprints copy
Storage of fingerprints from background checks
Cleaning Fingerprint Dust
Knowing the surface from where fingerprints were taken
Microburst Method for Latent Print ID
Fingerprint Removal Methods?
Where Can I Get Immigration Prints Taken for Under $200
Washable Fingerprint Medium?
Powder finger from wood
Are people's fingerprints usually similar
1st Historical use
Need 2 finger print reports from FBI
What are the zone area's of the palm and the sole of the ...
Fingerprints on paper
Unreadable fingerprints on young, healthy female?
Will the rain wash away fingerprints
Why Do Police Sometimes Find No Victims' Fingerprints whe...
AFIS search parameters?
Can You Use a Normal Home Scanner to Create a Good Finger...
Fluorescent dyes to enhance superglue developed marks
Does Fire erase everything
Effectiveness of surgically altered finger/palm prints
No prints found
I want to catch a vandal
Seeking Friction Ridge Formation References for Footprints
Fingerprint Comparison Test for Applicants (Shape Test)...
Earprint identification
Where can I find contact information for fingerprint expe...
Fabric Impression?
Will Fingerprints Deposited on Cloth Wash Away in the Was...
AFIS and juvenile through to adult print identification
How long does it take law enforcement agencies to check p...
Fingerprint recovery from mummified fingers
Preserving fingerprints off a glove
Prints on paper
How Fast Can Two Sets of Fingerprint Be Compared?
The police found no prints - What can I do next?
Does More Handling of an Object = Lower Chances of Identi...
Skin Conditions and Finger Prints
Can You Determine How Long Age Prints Were Deposited?
Fingerprinting CDs
Real Novice seeks Real Advice: Dusting, Viewing, etc
How Do Police Identify Crime Scene Finger and Palm Prints?
Fingerprints for Immigration Service
What are the Different Types of Fingerprint Patterns?
Fingerprints on amputated limbs
1,2 Indanedione
The difference between invisible fingerprints and latent ...
Fingerprint embetted
Paper documents
Education for Fingerprint Techs
Can a Criminal Hide a Prior Arrest History by Having Some...
Article about new analysis technique
Identify print from different finger
How to become a technician?
Fingerprints and wood
Palm prints
Civil rights and fingerprints?
General information
What about Other Evidence, Besides Fingerprints, on Evide...
What Causes a Reverse Color Print?
Can fingerprints be dusted and obtained from wooden handl...
Chemical of cyanoacrylate esters
How Would Paper, Handcuffs, a Gun, etc., Be Processed for...
School Project FingerPrint Verification
The effect of temperature on the constituents found in la...
Dissappearing fingerprints!
Fingerprints underwater?
Lifting (?) fingerprints
What is plain impression live-scanning?
Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence technique
Latent fingerprints
When would fingerprinting be used?
Fingerprint recovery from smoke covered items
Lifting fingerprints from rock
Please help: How can I improve weak fingerprints?
How Long for Police to Complete Lab Exams and Report Find...
Dermal ridges on Bigfoot casts?
Is it proper for a "Community Service Operator" to lift p...
Using fingerprint from drowned victims
Intimate and non-intimate samples
Latent print certification.
3rd Level Detail
Ultra sound and fingerprints
Can fingerprints be found on rusty metal screws left in d...
Latent Print Verification
Stolen Truck
Fingerprints Exonerating the Innocent
Police won't bother dusting partial fingerprints
Recommended University Courses to Become a Latent Print E...
Need Fingerprints Police Report
Chemical Development of Latent Prints?
Portrait Parle
Missing Family Cold Case (Classification Question)
Basic principles of fingerprint identification
Latent Print processing causing DNA contamination?
Help me: to lift prints
Can half a fingerprint be accurate
Lifting fingerprints
Pre-employment fingerprinting
Crime Scene Photography
How much material makes up a fingerprint?
Fingerprints and solvents
Fingerprint Mutilation (after hours of searching)
One visible palm print on knife handle only - what happen...
Can finger prints be planted
Fingertip Capture
How Can I Locate and Hire Fingerprint Expert?
Lifting Prints from a DVD/Video game case.
How many methods are there for taking fingerprints
Development of the use of evidence markers
Where can i find a website about facts of how people dust...
Can who handled a weapon first be determined?
Detection of immigration record at the airport
Can anything be applied to preserve fingerprints better?
Idenfication of Back-of-Knee and Wrist Creases from a Bab...
Time required
Legal to obtain fingerprints from discarded object found ...
Do FP Experts Consider Distortion Caused by Blood?
Recovering fingerprints from ammunition in sewage
Which finger is on ceremonial card ?
Latent prints off of Dew on vehicle
Can fingerprints determine racial background?
Latent fingerprints at crime scene
Crime scene evidence
Latent prints from "bank deposit bags"
FP on identification
Will a burn/severe cut on your finger change the print te...
Latent ink detection by using "Fingerint Argon Laser"...
Removing Fingerprints with a Cloth from Paper?
Can I use tape to record prints after Fuming?
Harvesting DNA from the Adhesive of Old LP Lifters
Cleaning Black Fingerprint Powder from Light-Colored Carp...
How Many Fingerprints Does a Person Deposit in a Day?
Fingerprints on metal object recovered underwater?
Newborn Footprints
Gold & Vacuum Metalization
Writer seeks answers on dusting and super glue fuming
Latent Fingerprints more than 2 years old in a very hot a...
How many points do they need
Partial or fregmented fingerprints
Length of time for fingerprints?
What is a fingerprint formula
Galvanized pipe
Laten Print Training
Fingerprints and Paper
Fingerprints on food
Major flex creases
Matching really old prints
Prints on wood left in rain
Planted/Forged Palmprints
Fingerprints on guns
Fingerprints on a purse that laid in rain for about 11 hours
Can you get fingerprints off a styrofoam bowl
Can you lift a fingerprint from a plastic zip lock bag?
Development Sequence
What is meant by the following AFIS symbols: III/S/S ?
Physical Developer
Minimum Requirements for a Latent to AFIS Search
Police fingerprints in national database?
Where Can I Find a Consultant to Process Evidence Privately?
One single fingerprint - a puzzle to solve
Science in fingerprinting
Fingerprint Manual
I'm looking for information on the hot flame method of pr...
Color of evidence locators
Plain impressions
Help - Scarring or Changing FPs - Need Questions to Be A...
No Fingerprints?
SSP - sticky side paper
Non tip fingerprints
Collection and analysis?
Egg-Carton and a little rain...
"AFIS quality" latent print
How many "points" are necssary to confirm a match between...
Rubber Stamps of Fingerprints
Effect of Methamphetamines on Fingerprints
Finger prints on paper and porus surfaces & methods of ex...
Does heat effect fingerprints?
Chemicals and lps
Chemical process of Ninhydrin
FBI Criminal History Checks
Latent fingerprints on live skin
Finger prints or DNA examination for works of art
Looking to contact John "Dusty" Clark . . . can you help ...
What does the typical testimony from a Latent Print Exper...
Fingerprint molding
Atf fingerprint specialist
Fingerprints on a tree
Fingerprint impressions in adhesive on metal....
Dishwashers and fingerprints
Legal issue
DNA Fingerprinting
Origin of "ridge points counting"
Finger print cameras
Canvas book bag
What EGA means?
FBI Finger Print Analysis
Private access to fingerprint files?
Fingerprints and Wood
Transporting Fingerprints on an Object
The Durability/Resistance to Wear of the Fingerprint
Fingerprint cards
Altering fingerprints
Would it have been possible for a police department of th...
Where Can I Get My Fingerprints Taken for Employment
Fingerprint Examination at the crime Scene
Need information on Vacuum Metallization of Prints
Tennis shoe prints
Post mortem identification
Can fingerprints on the skin be transferred to clothing?
Are finger prints caused by one gene or a number of diffe...
Fingerprint detection via uv and laser
Can Fingerprints Be Developed on Baggies?
Latent Print
Latin word
Faxed copy of fingerprint card
Separating a ball of duct tape for latent processing
Fingerprints on a letter
Too many prints?
Old Prints on a Window
What type of glue is used on fingerprint lifters?
What is a finger print experts salary?
Fingerprints on buried evidence?
Privacy and Fingerprinting
Mirror Images
Fingerprint ID Courses
Fingerprints on cans
Average Distance Between Ridges?
Reasons to Ban Fingerprinting Children
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