2019 AT Section Hikers Happy and Lucky
We are Nannette German (Happy) and Ed German (Lucky). Our 2019 thru-hike attempt turned into a 177-mile section hike and was the adventure of a lifetime for us. This page includes a few details of our wonderful experience.
We started our hike from Springer Mountain in Georgia on 10 March 2019 and ended 177 miles north on 09 April when Happy's ankles were injured and could go no further. We previously hiked and camped on the AT during all twelve months of the year, including knee-deep snow and mid-summer heat.

Click here to see a couple of hundred photos and videos we captured during our 2019 adventure.

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During previous years, we section hiked the 202 miles from Rock Fish Gap, Virginia to the Pennsylvania border in both directions (404 miles). We have hiked the AT Roller Coaster multiple times and some sections in Shenandoah National Park 10+ times.
A hiker would have to climb up and down Mt. Everest 16 times to match the 464,400 feet of total ascent and descent on the AT. FAQ links are at the bottom of this page.

An AT marker near Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.

Happy post-holing snow as the first hiker on this section of the AT after a heavy snow. 

Lucky coming down from an overlook adjacent to the AT in Shenandoah National Park.
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We used to live in the the Washington DC suburbs an hour from the AT, but several years ago we retired and moved back to the central Illinois hometown where we grew up... we were high school sweethearts.

Click here to see a long (12 minute) video of our hikes in four states during October to December 2018.
We have been trail running in the woods with various Hash House Harrier kennels for three decades in Asia, Europe and America. If you are a Hasher, you might know us by other trail names (other than Happy and Lucky).     
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